Tuesday, 9 October 2012

It's Hard Work!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here again!

What a day! We were up good and early for our early morning wee in the garden, then straight back up stairs to Old Two Legs who was still snoring his head off!

Holly cuddled up to OTL's back and fell asleep again and I dropped of to sleep with my head on his legs!

It was only The Missus wangling around on her electric carpet sweeper that woke us all up again!

Off we went down to The Sea Wall and this morning the wind was blowing from off the sea, a good sign that it's going to get colder and wetter!

I decided that as Autumn is coming I would have one last dig in the sand on the beach, well, shingle really, but there is a spot where the shingle gets to look like rough sand, so, I had a dig!

One Last Dig!
 Of course, it didn't take long for sis to arrive and offer to help my dig out the rabbits!

I can Sniff them as well!
 I said that there were no rabbits, just memories of our holiday, but she just kept on about 'Sniffin the Rabbits', in the end I gave up and we both had a dig!

Strange Looking Barge!
 After that we looked out to sea and saw this really weird looking barge being towed along, OTL says it looks like a crane but Holly says it looks like a sunken ship coming to the surface!

Another thing we noticed, there seems to be many more birds on the beach nowadays, a sign that the winter is on it's way!

Loads of Birds!
 After lunch OTL had done all his work and packed up all the parcels, so it was off to the carrier and the Post Office.

Next thing on the list is to deliver to the local customers, so off we went, first to a school and next to a taxi company, we do get around you know!

We finished up close to the New Park, so you know what happens next!

Ball Chasing!

Me chasing a ball!
 I do enjoy chasing after a ball, you see it reminds me of rabbits or rats or pussy cats and there is some thing deep down in me that just can't resist chasing them!  I don't do the Retriever thing and bring the ball back for OTL to throw again, I make him chase after me!

He needs the exercise!

Holly on the other hand just doesn't see the reason for ball chasing and as she says....................

I Don't do Balls!
OTL is sneaky and uses my ball chasing to get my attention some times, like this!

 Throw it, go on, THROW IT!

We had a long walk in the New Park and OTL kept me well away from the Swimming Hole 'cos he says it's too cold for splashing about, unless you are designed for it, and we're not!

What we are designed for is having a chase and rolling in good sniffs, so that's what I did!

A heavenly roll in a Sniff!
 The only problem is, OTL doesn't agree that it is a good thing, so he chased me away, telling me I was a proper 'Smelly Nelly'!

But while he was doing that, guess what Holly did?

Sharing a Sniff with Sis!
 That was it, OTL had steam coming out of his ears and he told us off good and proper, but as I said to Holly................

Worth it, wasn't it!
 Back home to a chicken dinner, then help OTL with his dinner!

After all that, I'm looking forward to and evening of snoozes followed by a good nights sleep, that's if Holly's snoring doesn't keep me awake!

Bye bye for now, see you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly


  1. Hi girls,
    OTL is a spoil sport not letting you roll in the sniffs, still you would have to have a bath later so was it worth it??.
    We have arrived at Chattanooga, sounds a strange name but you two would love in here, rolling hills and trees with loads of Rabbits and Squirrels.
    With the door open you can hear a Choo Choo in the distance. XXX

  2. Love the pictures that OTL managed to take of you two scallywags on this post.. Holly looks super in her pose, love her rolling around and you digging Daisy ...