Monday, 8 October 2012

Wonderful Wet and Damp Monday!

Hello Woofers!

Darling Daisy & Handsome Holly here again!

We were woken up last night by Holly wanting to go for a wander in the back garden, at one thirty!

OTL was not happy 'cos he had stayed up late just to make sure Holly went out for her 'Late Night Wee' before going to bed!

We are just amazed that he can't see a thing when it's dark, you can tell that by the sounds he makes, it goes 'Bonk OW!' depending on what he bumps into!

What he needs is 'Puppy Vision'!

We didn't get up on time and both Holly and OTL over slept!

On our walk down on The Sea Wall we met up with a Bichon/Lakeland Terrier, he was all bubbly and we had a great time chasing each other around!

Can't Catch Me!
 I was jumping over Holly and she was trying to trip him up!

No matter what he tried, I had him beat paws down!

Com'on Slow Coach!
In the end he was worn out! So, Holly and I are looking forward to the next time we meet him!

We got back to the car just in time 'cos it started to rain as soon as OTL shut the door!

Back home we had a snooze in the office while OTL was playing on the laptop, still banging his head on the desk 'cos the email thingy won't work!

Come lunch time we were sitting by the window, keeping an eye open for the Postman, so we can have a good bark!

OTL said that we should get out for our lunch time walk before it rains, so off we went but this time OTL helped us put our rain coats!

Down on The Sea Wall we did our Posing on the Wall! First I stood there and wiggled my tail!

Hey! Look!
Holly was telling me to 'Hurry Up' as she felt a a 'Pose Coming On', she is a right pushy puppy!

Here's my Pose!
We're getting good at this posing lark, I think OTL will have to start selling our photos to the doggy magazines!

Am I The Best or Wot!
Holly says that she knows how to do a 'Natural Pose' and that of the two of us, she is really the professional model.

It was at that moment that a rabbit ran across our path and posing went up in that air as we went storming after the bunny!

It got away! It's not fair!

 Never mind, home before it rains and we going to mug OTL tonight 'cos he's got Gammon and we just love a nibble of gammon!

Tomorrow it's out delivering some stuff, so, if it's not pouring with rain, we should get a walk down the New Park!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly (Poser!)


  1. Hi Girls, that fist one of you posing is lovely, but don't tell OTL otherwise he will get a big head.
    Lovely blog we are moving on tomorrow. XX

  2. You two are lovey but the weather was bad this morning, so good luck tomorrow when it is going to be dry