Friday, 2 November 2012

A Little Bit Off The Back Please!

Hi Ho Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here and Looking Good, sort of!

Last night was a Scream!

About half three, Holly and I were in our beds, sleeping our 'Night Time Sleep' when we heard Old Two Legs mumbling away, just a little louder than normal. Now, this is a sign that he is dreaming, that means he could burst into song or start shouting or jumping about or even running. Well this time it was the 'Jumping About' bit!

Actually, it was 'Jumping About and Rolling Off The Bed and Shouting 'Geronimo'!

Suddenly we were descended upon by an OTL all wrapped up in the duvet!

It scared the tail off us both to have OTL land in your basket in the middle of the night!

We could hear The Missus telling him off, for pinching the duvet off her!

I jumped up and gave him a good 'Wake Up' licking in his ear and Holly just grumbled, picked up her carrot and wandered off down stairs to finish her sleep off on the sofa!

Seems that OTL was dreaming he was beside a swimming pool and he rolled off the side of the pool into the water, only it wasn't, it was our beds!

That OTL is getting worse as he gets older, maybe he needs to get wormed, that'll sort him out!

All this means we were a little bit late getting up but at least we weren't descended upon any more!

A quick run down on The Sea Wall and then off to the Parlour!

Holly Before.
Me Before.

Us, before the Shampoo & Set

Now, don't get me wrong, we do look 'The Business' when we come out but Holly and me agree that having someone other than OTL giving us a wash all over is a bit off putting, at least OTL warms his hands first!

After lunch, which we didn't get, OTL came to pick us up. We looked like 'Stars' and we sniffed like perfume factory!

OTL knew what we wanted, so as he had to drop off some stuff, we went to the Riverside Park, it was great. Being let off the lead, Holly and I first of all paddled in the mud, then we had a roll in the seaweed and after that we walked in every muddy puddle we could find!

So, you haven't got the 'After' photo, well not the real one, we will have to get OTL to take that tomorrow after he comes back from work!

I can show you a preview, this is me sleeping off my dinner, Lambs Heart and biscuits!

You will notice the lack of hair!

Just Snoozed Out!
 Sorry it's in Black and White but OTL didn't check the settings on the camera before snapping away!

We had to spend some time getting washed and dried after our 'Paddle' but at least we don't sniff of perfume, just doggy shampoo!

I don't think we will be mugging OTL for any dinner tonight, our tummies are too full!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly


  1. You look lovely .......... is it a special "dog roll in mud day" today? I only ask because Archie had a good roll round the garden this morning and he too is now muddy with stiff hair, only he doesn't smell of doggy shampoo ..... just mud! xx

  2. Hi Girls,
    Poor OTL, getting past it. XXX

  3. I thought you two were black and white, no need to apologise! As for OTL and his bed roll, you had better get moved in case he flattens you.
    Very smart the shampoo and sets does The Missus ever go with you? ...............

  4. OTL is flippin dangerous...and I was freezing!!