Monday, 5 November 2012

Monday's Sun Day

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here!

Last night was not as bad as we thought it would be, there were a few Whizz Bangs and Holly got a bit twitchy but she had a cuddle with The Missus and then with Old Two Legs and he put a jumper, which belongs to TM, on top of Holly.

TM and OTL all wrapped around Holly soon calmed her down!

This morning when we went out to The Sea Wall, it was all sunshine and wind!

A bit cold 'cos that wind was coming off the sea but we had a run and a chase and that kept us warm!

Keeping Warm!
We found a load of plastic bags, thrown on the ground and OTL said it was packets which held the Whizz Bangs, so Holly and I did a wee on them, just to get our own back!

As Holly said, 'Pity we didn't get to do that last night, then they wouldn't have been able to light them!'

She is such a Wag that Holly!

Lunch time comes and it is still sunny, so OTL asks if we want a walk, then says, 'The Forest?'

Silly OTL!

In no time we were out of the door and sitting by the car door!

Down The Forest it was a bit quaggy, well, we have had some rain over the last few days!

The first thing that happens as we get through the gate was a meeting with George and Cyril, who we met some time ago.

 We get on well with them 'cos they are the same size as us!

Up there, on the left, two sniffs and another a bit further on!
They told us of some good sniffs and off we went!

I was really interested in squirrels, so, I climbed up on a fallen tree and had a good scout around.

Here, Squirrel Squirrels!
 I didn't see any!

OTL was doing his favourite thing, hunting fungi!

OTL's First Fungi!
 Holly and I were hunting sniffs and there were some interesting ones around the back of the pond.

OTL said it looked super with the colours of fallen leaves and the pond reflection as well!

Autumn's here!
 OTL found some fungi on a rotting tree and when the sun shone through the trees it made the colours really stand out! So, he got down on his knees and started to photo the fungi.

That was OK until Holly said she wanted to get in the photo as well!

This is my Best Side!
Then we found a very big fungi growing out the side of a fallen log thing that was rotting away. OTL didn't know what the fungi was called but said he will look it up in his new book when he gets home!

Strange looking one this!
 He was getting all excited 'cos he found another under some bracken, well, Holly and I were getting a bit fed up with all this fungi stuff, so we told him that now it was time to Hunt Squirrel!

Last of the days fungi!
 Holly and I hunted all over the place, we searched the bushes and the trees and the leaves on the ground then we stood on a log and kept very quiet and waited for squirrel noises!

I can't hear a thing!
OTL says that there was one over the back of us but we told him we had looked there and we couldn't see any at all.

He insisted there was one there and to prove it he would take a photo!

Yer, Right, off he went doing his Hunting Walk and clicked off a couple of shots.

Beginners Luck!
We will never hear the end of this, he spots one and we don't!

Oh! The Shame of it all!

OTL finds a squirrel while we look the other way watching leaves falling down to the ground!

Back home he kept telling TM about him finding the squirrel and us looking the wrong way, it's just not fair!

Tonight we may have to take Holly out for a drive in the big car, it all depends on how many Whizz Bangs there are going off around our area. Claws crossed it will be to cold for everyone to stand in the garden setting fire to piles of leaves and sticks!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly & OTL (Squirrel Hunter!)


  1. Hi Girls,
    at the risk of upsetting you I loved OTL's Fungi shots and also the Squirrel, well done that mam.
    Glad the weather has bucked up for you, see I told you I would bring you back some Florida sunshine. XXX

  2. Sun shine? Oh no! OTL doesn't want sun shine 'cos he is running away next week to Scotland to photograph Glen Etive and the Munro's around there. So, what he wants is snow on top and half way down the mountains and maybe a sprinkle in the valley.

    Don't mention the squirrel!

  3. We have to go and find some fungi Mike, OTL is getting all of them.

    Nice one