Saturday, 4 February 2012

The Snow Fairy is late!

Hi Ho Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here!

Well, we were disappointed this morning, we both woke up good and early and stuck our noses behind the curtain to see what the Snow Fairy had done over night, nothing!

Holly and I were Not Amused!

We had looked at the weather forecast and that said there would be snow, but here in North Kent, nothing!

Holly even went back to bed and showed off, especially when Old Two Legs told her to get up 'cos we're going for a walk, she got all grumbly and refused to get up until OTL threatened to give her a bath!

When we got down to the Sea Wall, we had a good sniff around but didn't find any snow, Holly was not happy at all!

Look, No Snow!
OTL said that we may find some a bit further on but Holly was still showing off and was doing her 'Grumbly Mood' show off bit all the way along the beach!

OTL spotted a Curlew landing a bit further up the beach, so he started his 'Sneaky Up Walk' so he can get a good picture. Holly and me walked along the Sea Wall looking for sniffs.

Holly decided to walk a little further up and without OTL noticing, scared off the Curlew! Holly didn't say anything but she ran off into the grass to watch OTL.

He sneaked up to the breakwater and popped his camera over the top and snapped a.........

Holly was rolling on the ground laughing!

Now it was OTL's turn to be Grumbly!

As we turned the corner, there, on the ground, was a long trail of snow! It was in small patches and was melting!

Holly said it was strange and was it just where the Snow Fairy had stopped and had a wee? Further up we found a larger patch, so we inspected it, sniffed it, licked it, pawed it a bit.

Snow Fairy?
We decided that it was Snow Fairy Wee and that if we were good, she would come back again!

So, off we went home and were good puppies all the morning and even lunch time when OTL had some buttered toast for lunch!

Well, we only mugged him a little bit!

After lunch we went out to The Farm, which was good 'cos we haven't been there for a week or two.

New Sniffs.
There were a few more sniffs to sample and Holly says that she can sniff the new plants growing.

We went on a bit further and we met up with a Staffy and a huge Rottweiler who decided I might be fun to chase. Well, I was just a little bit scared but I didn't show it too much and when he started to chase me I turned around and gave him one of my serious ''YoucomeanycloserandIwillpullyourtailupthroughyourmouthantieitinaknotaroundyourteeth'  type of woof!

Any Closer!
 That sorted him out and I seriously impressed Holly with my brave stand.

I didn't tell her I was nearly pooing my self!

After that little 'Meeting' we were into the woods to search for squirrels but they were all in bed!

So, we went hunting for foxes, we found a load of holes that looked promising and there were some foxy type sniffs to be sniffed. At one hole we shouted down for the fox to wake up and come out for a chat. As you guessed, nothing, they stayed inside and carried on snoozing!

Hey! Foxy, come on out!
So off we went to another hole and that smelt even more of foxy, so we shouted again and Holly reckons she could hear some snoring going on down the hole!

We know you're down there!
Back home we both were given a roasted pigs ear each, Holly fell asleep cuddling it but I gave mine a good mullering and soon finished it!

OTL said it would spoil my appetite for the lambs heart dinner tonight, just watch me!

Claws crossed for visit by the Snow Fairy!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly