Saturday, 14 July 2012

He Left Us Behind!

Hello Woofers!

A Very Unhappy Daisy & Holly Here!

We got up this morning, all bright and bushy tails, looking forward to a fun day.

The Missus said that she would be taking us out for a walk this morning, now that was a bit strange 'cos she never normally does that!

That was OK, we didn't mind a trip over The Fields, 'cos we don't get there so much nowadays.

So, off we went, sniffing the sniffs and checking the field out for new sniffers!

When we got back home, Holly and I went looking for Old Two Legs to tell him about the sniffs, only to find he wasn't there!

I mean, he'd gone!

He went and left us at home while he went off to the show!

That was it, we showed off, we wouldn't eat our breakfast, (Doggy Scoff), we went straight up to bed and stayed in there all day!

OTL got back about three in the afternoon, soaking wet, chilled and sniffin 'cos of the Hayfever!

Seems like he had seen the weather forecast and decided to go on his own so he could duck and dive about between showers, only they weren't showers, more like monsoon's passing overhead!

He managed a few photos and here is the first.

This is an Eagle Owl, the biggest owl in the world, we think. OTL says it is big enough to eat us!

Then he saw the horse jumping which is always fun to watch!

A Flying Horse!
To start off the sun shone for a couple of minutes, so he took another shot!

Coming into land!
Then the heavens opened up and it seemed like the whole sea had gone up into the clouds and then descended on OTL and the horses!

We said we felt sorry for the horses, well the Two Legs can get out of the rain if they wanted but the horses were made to go and jump in the rain!

OTL found an animal that would have been very happy with the rain......................

A Whistling Duck!
OTL said that it didn't whistle while he was there, but it did blow a raspberry!

There was someone that OTL said could keep the rain away, it was a 'One Man Band'!

OTL said that when he was playing, the rain stopped but as soon as he stopped playing, the rain started again!

The Rain Man!
 After OTL took this picture, the man stopped playing and went off for a cup of tea and as OTL said.......................that's when the flood started!

We have been promised a trip up there tomorrow 'cos the forecast is for sunshine and clouds, claws crossed!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly

We miss out on some Super Sniffs!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again!

Do you ever get one of those days when it starts out looking like it's going to be a great day but then you end up getting everything wrong?

Well we have just had one of those days.

Old Two Legs is a member of some organisation that gives him access to the local Kent County Show where there are loads of animals on show and there are horses and pigs and chickens and loads of stuff and the Sniffs are to die for!

We had planned to go over there after our lunch time walk along The Sea Wall. Well, OTL had been busy all morning and managed to finish all his stuff he had to do and out we went for the walk. It was a short walk 'cos as soon as we had done our business it was straight back to the car and off to the Show Ground.

That was until we heard the local news radio station telling us that cars were being turned away from the car park 'cos there was too much mud!

Wot a cheek! We have got a 4X4 but OTL decided that it would be better if we tried tomorrow or even Sunday when the weather forecast said it would be sunny!

So claws crossed for a little bit of sunshine to dry the car park!

This mornings first walk was fun, Holly and I chased each other all along The Sea Wall, woofing at each other and trying to run the fastest!

Gotcha, Gotcha, Gotcha!
Then we spotted one of those sailing barges and OTL said it reminded him of a song, 'Red Sails in the Sunset'. We had never heard of that song so we reckon if OTL can remember it, it must be very very old!

Red Sails in the Morning!
While he was taking his pictures we sneaked off into the undergrowth and found a Super Sniff and took turns in having a roll, until OTL caught us!

Back to the car for a wash down with some smelly Baby Wipes!

Around four thirty we bullied OTL into going out again and this time we played on the rocks.

We were getting ready for some mountain climbing when we go on holiday, we had a practise scrambling all over the rocks.

Do we need Crampons here?
OTL just sat there looking at a Royal Navy Ship going up the Thames.

HMS Wotsit
OTL said it was going to be more guards for the Olympics!

Mind you it was a bit boring sitting there waiting for the ship to go past, well, I mean, you see one ship, you have seen them all!

Boring, Bored, Boring, Bored, Boring, Boring, Bored!
Holly didn't say much but she agreed with me.....................................

I'm Bored!
So back to some Heart and Liver for dinner tonight, followed by a cuddle with OTL and some Shortbread!

See you tomorrow, if we can get into the car park!


Daisy & Holly