Sunday, 15 July 2012

Sniffs Galore, Marching Band and a Grumpy Owl!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here with you again.

What a day it has been!

We were up good and early, all ready for our day at the Kent County Show. Old Two Legs had his camera gear and The Missus got her big walking boots from out of storage!

OTL said it may be a bit muddy so her high heel shoes were maybe not the right sort of shoes for the show!

We went there on the motorway and we kept seeing signs saying that the parking was closed! We asked OTL if that means we can't go to the show? No, no OTL said, 'I'm a Member and if needed, they will carry us and the car into the car park, wash the car and wipe our boots! That's what membership brings!'

Well, we got into the car park, (Members Car Park), sloshed through the mud and puddles and parked up close to the entrance to the show, good Old Two Legs!

Well we first went to have a look at the Eagle Owl that OTL had seen before and there is was sitting on its perch. Trouble was, as soon as it saw us it ruffled up his feathers to make him look all big and fierce, just to scare us off!

It almost worked!

Gerroff outta here!
Holly said that she could sort him out on her own!

Then, getting a bit bored with trying to find out if the Owl tasted like chicken, we went to watch the Terrier Racing!

Now, this is my sort of event!

Now, the idea of this is to chase a thing that looks like a rat or rabbit or squirrel type of thing on a rope.

You started off in a box and the door is opened and they all rush down the field trying to catch the thing.

It's a bit rough and there were several fights between chasers but it was good fun to watch.

There was a Doggy jump and Swim stand where dogs rush up a path and jump off into the water while chasing a ball.

Holly said I should have a go seeing how I loved water but after a while watching I decide that it was not really my thing!

Super Dog!
There were several dog doing jumps, some sort of competition, it was fun to watch but we decided to leave it to the show offs!

Where's me ball?
In another arena we watched a demonstration of 'Duck Herding', Holly was getting all excited saying that they were Duck Burgers!

Duck Burgers!
Watching all this food running about in front of us we decided that it was time for lunch!

Lunch Time Missus?
Off we went and shared a Venison Burger between Holly and me but OTL and The Missus had one each!

It was fun watching the Two Legs walking through all the mud and puddles to get to the shows!

Quaggy or Wot!
We heard a Marching Band, so went to have a look and there marching along and playing their instruments came the 24th Invicta Rifles puffin and blowin!

Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right!

Marching and Puffin!
 Holly fell in love with the one in front who carried a big stick!

Holly's Favourite!
We headed back to the car and kept to the hard path but where people had been walking in the mud and of course it was getting more and more quaggy the more they used it!

We got home all worn out and ready for a snooze before bed!

Bye bye for now and see you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly