Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Busy Doing Nothing, well almost!

Hi Woofers!

It's Daisy, Holly and Snowflake back with you again.

Today we have been without Old Two Legs for most of the day. Poor OTL had to go out early this morning to do some work and didn't get back until mid afternoon!

The Missus took us out for our morning walk over The Fields and we had a really good roll in the snow! Well, I did, Holly just had a sniff and said it was an old fox sniff.

Not sure if she meant the fox was old or the sniff was old!

Having finished all his work, OTL dropped into the 'Doggy Shop' to pickup some essential stuff for us, Doggy Scoff, Biscuits, Ferret Nuggets, Chicken Fillets and some Chicken & Rice Chews that Holly and I just 'Love'!

On the way out he passed the rabbit cage and thought about Holly's request for one, for lunch, but decided against it!

So he says!

He got home and had to go out again to deliver some stuff, so off we go with him and we ended up in the New Park.

It was covered in loads of snow, masses more that we had at home! It was great running after the ball and chasing each other and of course, having a good roll in the snow until OTL tells us to 'Get Up!' Then he calls us Smelly Nelly's'!

Too Good to get up!
We had a game of 'Chase The Ball' and Holly even joined in!

Two Smelly Nelly's chasing a Ball!
We got to the top of the hill and Holly found some deep snow and was doing 'Nose Dives' so that she ended up covered in snow all over her head!

Doing a Nose Dive!
Of course, I just couldn't resist another roll while OTL was puffing his way up the hill!

Ooooooooh! I just Love a good roll!
Then we ran off down the other side and stopped to say 'Hello' to The Watchers 'cos you never know if they are awake or not and it's best to ignore them or they may chase us out of the park or tell OTL if we are naughty!

Hello Watchers!
Then we went off to see if the Indians were home but there was no one there, Holly reckons they have gone away on a holiday to get warm!

The Indians have all gone on holiday!
 When we got home we had a rummage through the bag of stuff OTL had got from the 'Doggy Shop'  and found that he had brought a toy for Snowflake, what he got was a 'Cat Tease', now this thing is a stick with some string tied on the end and on the end of the string is a mock mouse. This mouse squeaks, just like a real mouse when you jiggle it about and OTL thought that Snowflake could get some exercise chasing it about when she is let out of Snowy Heights!

The Squeaky Mouse!
To begin with Snowflake didn't really understand what she had to do, so OTL is thrashing this mouse around the room and the mouse is going 'Squeak, Squeak and Snowflake is going 'What The ......!' and running for her safety shelter behind the picture frames!

After a while she gets the hang of it and proceeds to chase this mouse around all over the place. Sometimes OTL lets her catch the mouse and she rushes backwards into the hole she made and gives this mouse a real good shake and sits there waiting for it to stop squeaking, 'cos when it stops squeaking she can eat it!

Now, all the time this is happening, I'm sitting on OTL's office chair calling out instructions to Snowflake, like ' It's over your shoulder!' and 'It's Behind you!'

Snowflake hasn't had much exercise since arriving here, so it isn't long before she decides that the mouse is either blessed with immortality and is impervious to her fangs or OTL is being Sneaky!

She settles down to a slurp of Ferretone from OTL's palm while he is stroking her with the other hand, after which she heads back to Snowy Heights for a rest before dinner!

That leaves me on the floor, looking at this 'Cat Tease'. Now I don't do cats and the sniff of Catnip on the mouse really makes your eyes water but the feathers on the end of the stick are fun!

OTL started off by tickling my nose with the feathers, then he tapped me on the paw with them then the other paw and before long I was chasing these feathers all over the place!

I reckon that if Snowflake went after the mouse and I went after the feathers we could sort this 'Cat Tease' out good and proper!

The Feathers!
 So I'm going to have a word with Holly and see if she is interested in a 'Combined Attack' tomorrow!

Bye bye for now!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly and Snowflake!


  1. You do look very cute rolling in the snow xx

  2. Hi Girls,
    glad you both had a good day rolling in the snow, make the most of it as the Snow fairy will be going away shortly and the rains will come.
    Snowflake getting some exercise with the help of a Squeaky Mouse, the mind boggles.
    Sleep tight and tomorrow you never know Snowflakes Harness might arrive then she can roll in the snow too. XXX

  3. Love the first one of you rolling in the snow, we don't often see you upside down! TM had some extra exercise too, that's good. That new toy sounds very exciting you can all have a play but tell Holly that the mouse is not for eating or she will be ill. xxx