Friday, 18 January 2013

I was in trouble and the Snow Fairy's still not here!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake back with you!

Last night I got into trouble!

You see, Jane & Ian came over for a meal and brought Snowflake a present of a rope bridge! So, I just had to do the testing to make sure it was strong enough for Snowflake!

This needs testing before she uses it!
 Now, it's very kind of them to bring Snowflake a present, but, they brought their dog Lucy with them and she is sneaky and on top of that she has got a silly grin!

Silly Grin!
Lucy is a six year old Jack Russell and she is Sneaky! 

She comes over to Old Two Legs and is all cuddly and rub her wet nose on his hand and 'Please Tickle my Ear' an 'Shaky Paw' an sit at his feet playing with my rope ball and showing off by throwing it up in the air and catching it before it lands on the ground!

Wot a Show Off!
After just a few minutes I had decided I didn't like her and what's more, she's a TART!

Well, I got fed up with all this showing off, no one is going to cuddle up to My OTL, without getting past me first!

So, I sat on OTL's lap and as soon as Lucy came near I did my 'Last Warning Growl!'

That's the one where I get really showy off an snap at who ever I'm doing it too!

It was at that point that OTL picked me up and took me to the office and left me there with nothing to do except talk to Snowflake, not even a nibble of dinner!

I was not a Happy Puppy!

I had to stay there until dinner was finished and then when I was allowed down, I had to sit on OTL's lap or on the top of the arm chair where he was sitting, all evening!

I still kept a watch on Lucy and gave her the old 'Hairy Eyeball' whenever she came close!

 Next morning OTL was up early 'cos he had a customer coming to visit to pick up some stuff and it made a change not to go out to deliver it! Trouble was, the customer spent too much time adding stuff to the order, OTL calls it 'Selling The Extras'!

We went down The Sea Wall and although the Snow Fairy hadn't arrived, the cold wind certainly had, it was horrid!

We were keeping as close to the wall or the grass to keep out of the wind, even Holly was feeling the cold!
Holly hiding from the wind!
We had just turned for home when who should come charging down the hill? It was Barney! He had his mates with him as well, Archie and Charlie. We had a run and a chase but we were really interested in getting back to the car!

Hi Girlie's, chilly ain't it!
Archie and Charlie made a fuss of OTL, as normal, an' we all went for a run about to try to get warm!

Like the coat? It lights up at night!
Back home we had our brush and some Lambs Heart then we each found a soft spot for a snooze.

Snowflake got her rope bridge put up in Snowy Heights and had a kick about with her ball that went Tinkle Tinkle when OTL rolled it along the ground!

Hey! This is a Tinkler!
We told Snowflake all about Lucy and she said that the way to beat her is to play the cute card. 

Then she showed us how she does 'Cute', she said that there was no way she could be beaten on 'Cute'.

Mind you she said, just when they think it's all OK, I give them a bite on the butt, that normally sorts the rabbits out anyway!

This is Snowflake doing 'Cute'!
Midday arrived and OTL had a spot of lunch before taking us out for our run. It still wasn't snowing, I mean, everywhere else was ten feet deep in snow and what do we have? Frost!

It just isn't fair!

The wind was blowing a bit harder and it was not nice down on the Sea Front. Holly said that she had a wee and when she turned around to check it out all she saw was an icicle!

I think she might have been exaggerating a bit but I know what she means!

We had a race along The Sea Wall to help warm us up but even after a race we both felt cold, so, back to the car and turn on the heaters!

 Holly on the left, flat out and steaming and me on the right in High Speed Mode!

When we got back home there were some very small bits of white stuff falling but you couldn't really call it snow, more like a cold sparrow with dandruff!

If it carries on like this I reckon the Snow Fairy will miss us all together!

No snow, no nibbles, cold wind and no Snow Fairy!

Claws crossed for tomorrow!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake ( Snoozing after a meal of minced beef!)


  1. Bad OTL!!!!!! what a cheek putting you away in the office ........ Daisy, come live with Archie and me, we would never put you in the office xx

  2. Poor Daisy .... I agree .. Lucy was a show off ! xx

  3. Hi Girls,
    looks like you weren't to keen on your visitors then.

    Don't keep on about the Snow Fairy, we don't want her up here thank you very much.
    I think you are getting jealous of Snowflake and Holly and poor Archie, wot's he done.
    Good old Barney made my day, he is the only one not grumbling. XXX

  4. Oh poor Daisy, showing your naughty side but I think you were provoked (ask TM to look in her dictionary for "PROVOKED", she will explain) x
    So we have Snowflake with a present, Holly weeing icicles, show off Lucy, happy Barney, Archie and Charlie getting a fuss AND Daisy shut in the office. What a Blog, so much happening except the Snow Fairy forgot to call! The weather man now says Sunday for you, watch the sky. xxx

  5. Hi girlies - such fun reading your blog and hearing what you get up to! Blooming freezing out there so keep those coats on to keep you warm x