Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Snowflakes Home is on it's Way!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly & Snowflake back with you again.

A Big 'Woofing Hello' to Chris who has joined our Merry Band of Woofers!

What is the Woofers name in the picture?

This morning Old Two Legs was up late so everyone including Holly was up and running around, even Snowflake was having a dance around the shower!

It wasn't long before we were on The Sea Wall and I was bullying OTL to throw the ball for me!

I was woofing and jumping up to his pocket and trying to get it out! You know, I was getting so excited that I shoved him off the Sea Wall onto the beach!

Gissa, Gissa, Gissa The Ball!
 It was good fun winding OTL up with the ball 'cos I chase after it then dive off into the grass and hide it, (not very well or he couldn't find it!) then I have a nibble of grass while he puffs his way to where I am and picks up the ball, all ready for the next throw!

But it was a warmish sort of morning and the sun was shining so we had super run along the wall, you know it could almost be Spring!

Nearly Spring, but not yet!
 Back home we had some fun watching Snowflake exploring the office, just like Holly, all she was really interested in is the food she can sniff!

OTL cut holes in a couple of boxes that held the shower bits and Snowflake had loads of fun pretending she was chasing rabbits!

This is a Pretend Rabbit Hole, OK?
 Then she showed us what she does when she finds a Rabbit and wants to get it out of the hole.

...then I go up to him an bite its backside like this!
 Holly and I agreed that we wouldn't want Snowflake to bite our backsides, not with teeth like that!

Snowflake was having fun with the old boxes, pretending they were obstacles that could hide mouses an' rats an stuff like that!

I just love a good box!
 Lunch time came and OTL had to go out to get some roofing felt 'cos the tree next door has made a hole in our shed roof and water is dripping inside the shed! After that, a quick trip to the rubbish tip to get rid of some old stuff OTL didn't want any more and finally, off to the New Park that we haven't been to for ages!

I had a super time with OTL, he was throwing my ball and I was chasing it. Then he started to throw it straight up in the air and I was jumping for it!

I got it, I Got IT!
In the end I was getting really good at catching it before it landed on the ground!

Come to Daisy!

 Holly was not impressed at all and when she met up with Dolly, the pair of them stood gassing and agreed that neither of them 'Did Balls', I said they were a pair of misery guts!

No, I don't do balls either!
 Later we met Jilly who agreed with me 'cos she just loves balls!

I Do Balls!
Back home Snowflake was having a ball after OTL let her out of her shower cage and she went looking for food again!

While Snowflake was 'Ferreting Around' OTL had a look at the emails and announced that Snowflakes tower had been dispatched, so, Friday we should see OTL building Snowflakes House which she has already named 'Snowy Heights'!

Come here Rabbits!
 Snowflake was having fun 'cos OTL was swinging her around on his old fleece and we noticed just how long her tongue was, I said it was as long as Holly's!

..all the better to lick your whiskers with!
 Then she went off sniffin for food!

It's Here, I KNOW it's here!
 If it's not raining tomorrow, OTL will be working on the shed roof, I hope he reads the instructions first!

We'll let you know what happens!

Bye bye for now, we are off to mug OTL for some of his dinner!


Daisy & Holly & Snowflake.


  1. Hello girls, the woofers name was Barkly, he was a wonderful boy and lived with us until he was 12 years old. We’ve had 3 woofers over the years; Russell a wonderful gentle Jack Russell came to stay with us for just 1 night as his owner had died, he stayed for 10 years, sounds a bit like snowflake doesn’t it!! Then we had Tyson who we got from the RSPCA as a puppy. He was a spaniel cross and loved running and chasing after his ball, when he was 7 my daughter moved back home bringing Barkly with her, when she left home again Barkly stayed with us. Barkly was a greyhound cross, such a wonderful nature, we still miss all our woofers. We haven’t had a woofer now for 5 years, that’s why I love reading about you both. Hope you’re being nice to snowflake and she hasn’t been nipping OTL again. I’m seeing TM on Saturday so will hear all about how you’re all getting on. xx

  2. Hi Girls,

    You must get Holly to do balls Daisy or she will get big and not want to go out with you.

    That Snowflake seems quite at home in the boxes, tell OTL to cancel the Towers again and make one out of cardboard. XX

  3. I think Mike's idea re the cardboard is great Daisy... save money so more Chicken for you and Holly! x

  4. Don't give them ideas Eileen, you know how much OTL likes spending money, he cries all the way to the bank.

    Yes, Mike is right about Daisy chasing a ball, she will get fat.

    Have a good day

  5. Hi Chris, Sorry to hear the Woofers have gone to that big kennel in the sky but it is good to hear they had a good home with you.
    So far, OTL has had a nip free two days, so either he is learning or Snowflake is getting slower, she has put on a whole 1.2g since she has been with us!
    We may see you Saturday, The Missus has asked us to call in to the Master Class!