Thursday, 25 April 2013

Us Again!

Hi Woofers!

It's Daisy, Holly & Snowflake back again!

We have been busy little puppies today, up early to remind Old Two Legs he has a lot to do today. He said that we should try waking him up at six and not a four thirty 'cos he needs his sleep!

He can be so picky sometimes!

Out for our walk along The Sea Wall and Snowflake came with us. She is really getting into this walking lark. She trots along, on her lead and most of the time heads in  the same direction as us!

In fact, there are times when she gets a really good gallop on and poor OTL has to almost trot to keep up with her!

We kicked up a rabbit and it was so near that I just had to give out a big whooping war cry as I set off after it!

Holly was steaming as well and we chased this rabbit all over the place!

OTL took one look and carried on walking Snowflake back to the car and by the time he got back we had almost run out of places to look for that rabbit!

Back home we got a brush, some Chicken & Biscuits but before we could sneak off for a snooze, we were put in the back of the car to go out delivering stuff!

Snowflake said that she would pass on the delivery bit 'cos she was going to have an 'After Walkies Snooze' !

We drove for miles and miles and ended up in Croydon at the football pitches where Holly and I used to go for a run when we visited Grandma.

It was great! Sunshine, loads of space to run and OTL kicking the ball about all over the place and no water for it to roll into!

The only down side was OTL didn't take his camera out with him at all today, this morning it was too much for him, Two Dogs and a Ferret are a handful at any time and this afternoon it was all rush and tear!

So, maybe some pictures tomorrow to make up for it!

Bye for now!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake (Rattling the door to get out!)


  1. sounds like another lovely day full of fun :) xx

  2. Hi Girls,
    here at Henley we spotted a Rabbit in a field and got so close we could nearly touch it.
    Poor OTL getting past it, I think it's Snowflake. XXX

  3. Snowflake sounds a lot better than Peccadillo. She had over an hour exploring the gardens of the council headquarters here. Then still wanting setting down at points on the way home where she kept on trying to go back and lying down when I tried to direct her towards home. Only when we got into our street did she decided to head in the right direction (at a run).