Saturday, 25 May 2013

In Trouble again, as Normal!

Hello Woofers!

It's us, McDaisy & MacHolly here and in trouble, again!

We got up early, well, about seven thirty, had a woof at the birds making such a racket and then gave Old Two Legs a good ear lick, just to make sure he was awake as well!

Today, we were promised, we could go down to the beach and have a run around on the sand and chase a sea gull or two, or three!

We started off with our normal walk down the forest and even went a bit further down the path 'cos I could sniff rabbits and I got into trouble for running into the bushes having a ferret around for the rabbits!

Talking of ferrets, OTL rang the Health Spar to see how Snowflake was doing and was told that she is having the time of her life, loads of food, loads of chats with the other ferret and has even started a conversation with a rabbit that is lodging there as well!

So, after all our chores this morning off we went to the beach. Now, this beach is super and it's super 'cos it's got loads of fine sand which is great for digging, as the local rabbits have found out, and they have dug loads of holes and I mean loads!

What was best of all, we had it to ourselves!

All to ourselves!
We started off by OTL leading us down the beach, past the rabbit holes and onto the sand. Then he let us off our leads, so we turned around and rushed back to the rabbit holes to see if there was anyone at home, it didn't help either 'cos we had to shoo off a load of sheep and their lambs before we could get to the rabbit holes.

OTL was not happy!

So we were put on our leads again and marched down to the waters edge where I went in for a paddle and Holly, just looked on. This is no fun she complained then turned around and rushed back to the rabbit holes again!

I'm off to the Rabbit Holes!
OTL was not happy and he put us both on the lead again and only let me off when we got to the sea again, Holly had to stay on the lead!

Holly was not Happy!

I had a swim and a chase about but it wasn't the same without Holly tearing along beside me!

What was even worse, a big old sheep stood on some rocks and called out to us to 'Come and try if your Hard Enough!'

Insult upon insult!

If Your Hard Enough!
So, that was it, instead of making sandcastles or digging moats we were put back in the car and off we went for a drive around to look at the bird life, Boring or Wot!

We did see that the mountains still had some snow on them, but not much!

Sno Much Snow!

We stopped and had a look at the Sea Eagles, then went of to a pub for some lunch which we managed to mug off OTL and The Missus and Holly even managed to blag a bowl of fresh water from the Barmaid!

Back Tobermory to do some shopping and OTL even got the camera out to take a picture of the harbour!

Tobermory Harbour, boring, no Rabbits!
Then it was back to the caravan for some of our chicken & rice dinner before going into the caravan for a snooze.

Well, that made us all late and by the time I got around to doing the blog, it was gone five when the Chocolate place closed!

So that is the reason why I'm doing two blogs today, honest!

See you tomorrow!


McDaisy & MacHolly (Still in trouble!)


  1. You poor girls, fancy OTL not letting you chase that horrible old sheep that was calling at you.
    The beach looked lovely, I bet the water was cold though. Still at least you got a pub lunch :) xx

  2. Hello McDaisy, McHolly, McOTL and McTM, I am back from a weekend of no internet so I could not comment on your writings. Tobermory looks good, I don't think I have ever been there. That sheep does look snooty standing there on that big rock trying to frighten you. Glad you are managing to eat well and still getting into trouble for chasing rabbits, it would not be the same if you didn't get into trouble every day. Off to see your second blog. xx

  3. Hi McGirls,

    I had the same trouble as you with the internet but didn't have a Choc shop in the town.
    Poor Holly in the poo again. XX