Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Tail Grab & Twist plus a Fishy Tale

Hello Woofers!

We're back, McDaisy & MacHolly!

Today was a bit special for Old Two Legs, he had to get up this morning, early, real early!

You see he had booked a trip on the 'Lady Jane' which is a fishing boat that also takes people to see Sea Eagles catch fish!

Well, what happens is the Captain brings along a bucket of frozen mackerel and throws a couple out onto the water and the eagle comes down and grabs it and flies off back to the nest to feed the young eagles!

As it comes down to pick up the fish. Everyone on board goes 'Clickity Click, Click' with their cameras to get a photo of the eagle picking up the fish!

Fish Grab & Fly!
OTL had booked the early morning trip this week and of course had to get up at the crack of dawn to give us a walk down the Forest Trail before leaving.

The rest of the day was spent having some fun chasing each other around the field and woofing at the eagles that kept trying to land in our field!

I did a 'Tail Grab & Twist!

Tail Grab & Twist!
Holly did a really good Leg Grab & Throw which had me rolling on my back!

Leg grab and Throw!

When OTL came back he told us tales of cold winds, cold rain and cold wind & rain!

The eagle pictures were not too good, seems they were a bit 'soft focus' !

Mind you he did see a bird he is convinced is a Great Northern Loon!

Still, it keeps him out of mischief!

This afternoon he took us down the Forest Trail and I found some really super sniffin poo to roll in, I mean it was that pongy even OTL had to drive back to the caravan with the window open!

Needless to say, I got washed, all over and now smell like a Tart!

I'm sure that OTL likes up loading this blog 'cos to get access he needs to buy a hot chocolate drink and it has cream on top and chocolate dust sprinkled on top of the cream, sounds yummy!
Tomorrow OTL has been told he must take us out, all day, 'cos The Missus wants to make a card, do we care? All we are interested in doing is chasing the rabbits over the hills and OTL has found a place where we can not only chase rabbits but climb a mountain at the same time, providing it doesn't rain!

So, see you tomorrow and we are off to town to get a post card to send to Snowflake, something rude about Stoats and Weasels!

Bye for now.


McDaisy & MacHolly


  1. What a lovely pic of the eagle. Glad OTL managed to go on his trip ......... Sounds like you girls had a good day too. Sounds like up north has some really stinky smells too. Enjoy. Hope the weather stays fine for you all xxxx

  2. Hi McGirls.

    looks like OTL was set up for the Eagle shot but it looks good on here, no doubt he will get another go.
    Looks like you girls are having better weather up there than down ere, I tell you it's flipping cold with no sun just drab all day long.
    Look here Daisy you must stop rolling in the smelly stuff or OTL will get cross again and you will become second best and Snowflake will be top dog.
    Can you send some nice weather down here for the weekend. XXXX

  3. I do love Michael's "McGirls", made me laugh.
    That is a canny boatman to throw fish for the Eagles, sorry OTL wasn't so pleased with his shots although on our screens they are good to see, hope he manages to get some more.
    Enjoy your walks and hope TM manages to make some masterpieces of her cards, watch out for the glue and glitter and also no more smelly rolling or you will be banished to a dog kennel down the road. xx