Saturday, 25 May 2013

The Loch Torr Rabbit Saga!

Hi Woofers!

It's McDaisy & MacHolly here in sunny Scotland.

Today it is Saturday and that's when the campers either pack up and go home or arrive and unpack!

This weekend is a Bank Holiday, so we are expecting loads more to arrive. There are some in motor homes and some in tents and some have hired out the static caravans and on top of all that, we have been told that the weather will be sunny for a few days!

We have been out with Old Two Legs around Loch Torr for a run along the forest tracks.

The start of Loch Torr!
He says it's better to do the forest 'cos there are no sheep there to get chased by us and we are sort of trusted a bit to have a run around. Mind you, he still keeps a close eye on us, you know I don't think he really believes we can be good doggies if we put our minds to it!

Well, we went tearing off and Holly caught the sniff of a rabbit and I joined in the fun and then OTL lost sight of us and was bawling his head off for us to come back to him and we didn't take any notice, until he found us and put us on the lead again!

Which way did that rabbit go?

OTL said that he was worried just in case we got attacked by a hungry eagle looking for a dinner for it's chicks, Holly asked if an eagle would taste like chicken and could she have a lick to try one out.

OTL didn't think that was funny!

I had to come back down the mountain to keep away from Eagles!

Coming Down The Mountain!
Pretty soon we got off the lead again and off we went, sniffin the sniffs and of course, waiting for OTL to take his pictures of the trees, let's face it, see one and you've seen then all!

See one tree and .............
We were going along the logging roads and in total we reckon to have done about ten kilometres by the time we got back to the car. The only trouble with the forest trails is that there are loads of trees and as you know, OTL is into trees!

More Trees and a Burn!
We went past a big herd of Highland cattle and a load of sheep with lambs, Holly kept calling out if any of them were called 'Lamb Chop' or even 'Mint Sauce'!

The trees opened onto farm land and then we were surrounded by rocky outcrops.

The Rocky Road Back Home!
It then became all up hill and even OTL was puffing away! We stopped a couple of times for OTL to put our lead on, just in case we fancied a sheep chase but believe me, we didn't have the energy!

Cooling Holly's paws in a cool stream!
Finally we got back to the car and soon we were back at the caravan where I shovelled down my Doggy Scoff and fell asleep on the bed!

Holly said she was a bit tired and would finish the Doggy Scoff off later, all she wanted was a rest to let her paws cool down!

We sent OTL of to the Chocolate Shop to up load the blog and we settled down to a well earned snooze!

See you tomorrow and we may be going down to the beach for a run around, but not the one where the rabbits are!


McDaisy & MacHolly


  1. Sounds like heaven. Ask OTL if the chocolate shop puts marshmallows on top of the whipped cream? If it does, he'll need a few more walks up those mountains. Enjoy your snooze :) xx

  2. Hello again, beautiful pictures and tell OTL that I like the trees even if you don't! Looks lovely that last one is good of you two with the stream, I don't suppose there are any fish around, they taste more of fish than chicken. xx

  3. Hi McGirls,
    Tell Holly to watch for low flying Eagles.
    Glad you are having a grand time up the the back of beyond.
    Luv Mike XX