Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Ticked Off!

Hi Woofers!

McDaisy & MacHolly back with you and with a bit of luck, up to-date with the blog!

Well, we have had another exciting day here in sunny Scotland and what sun! It has been beating down since before we got up this morning!

Old Two Legs took us down the forest path and we went down a bit further, mainly 'cos I caught the sniff of a rabbit and MacHolly said she could sniff Nargles!

Hunting Nargles!
OTL was a bit further back and doing his 'Masterful' calling us to heel, fat chance!

We were running and tearing about, through the grass and the bushes and through the trees and into the holes and between the rocks and...............we got in trouble!

Luckily, OTL had forgotten to bring the lead so all he had was his voice and a handful of gravel which he threw at us to break our concentration, (on rabbits or Nargles)!

He marched us back up the hill towards the car, keeping behind us an making sure we kept going.

I was whacked out, all that running about chasing things had finally caught up with me and I wanted a carry, on OTL's shoulders, just like he did when I was a puppy.

So, I jumped up at his leg and woofed, then jumped up some more and when he knelt down I jumped straight up onto his leg and sat there, mainly because I had forgotten how to get up to his shoulder without falling off!

He took the hint and lifted me onto his shoulder where I helped out by sticking my claws into his neck, to stop me falling off!

Me, getting a carry!
A bit further on I began to feel better and OTL put me down near a puddle that is always fresh, OTL reckons it may be a spring feeding it!

We didn't care 'cos the water was super cool and we gave our paws a wash and had a slurp as well!

Cooling our paws!
Back at the caravan we had a brush and a tick hunt and would you believe it, I had eight of the little devils making free with my body!

Nasty gnawing little things!

MacHolly only had two on her this time and OTL said it was because I spent too much time in the undergrowth hunting rabbits!

When that was all over, we settled down to a snooze while OTL did some more photography of the camp site 'cos the owner had asked him to take some pictures for the new website this autumn.

A Preview of the Site.
You know what? Even The Missus sat outside in the sun watching OTL working!

It really is hard work, watching OTL work!
Tomorrow he is off to photograph the Sea Eagles again, so it looks like we will have to put up with snoozing all day.

It can really be a hard life you know!

See you tomorrow and be warned, you may get to see some more eagle pictures!


McDaisy & MacHolly (Tick free for now!)


  1. Hi McGirls,

    Looks like the weather is better there than down here although we had a glorious weekend so must not grumble. Glad OTL picked you up Daisy and WOW a shot of TM to boot. xxx

  2. I hope the website is going to feature that lovely picture of those 2 beautiful little dogs sitting with their owner :) At least if you stay behind with TM tomorrow you should be safe from nargles and ticks xxx

  3. I thought it was a parrot sitting on OTL's shoulders he he.
    Sorry that you have more ticks, they are nasty little things, be careful where you put your noses tomorrow. Lovely pictures and the one of the site makes it look very inviting.
    And............TM gets a look in this time, about time too, she deserves more than just a mention at food time. xxxx