Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Loneliness of the Long Distant Ferret!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake here!

You know, this idea of Snowflake's to enter the 'Ferret Racing' at the Kent County Show has really shown us that getting fit to run is a lot of hard work!

Old Two Legs has purchased, (at great expense) a brand new, budget priced, travelling cage for Snowflake but this one has bigger holes in the door so she can see more of the world as we head off to the Sea Wall!

Off for a Training Session
As normal, Snowflake stays cuddled up in OTL's arms as we walk to the start of the course. All the time she is stretching her legs and slowly warming up ready for the off!

OK, I'm nearly ready!
I take the opportunity to have a quick dip before we get going.

Are we ready?
Snowflake is very organised, she first makes sure that OTL has the stopwatch ready before we start.

Stopwatch Ready OTL?

All checked and sorted, she is off at a steady trot along the Sea Wall, or as Holly calls it, 'The Wall of Death'!

Off We Go!
We have spent a long time working out the training run course and it includes beach running, road running and some inclines as well, (steps to you!)

Up the Muni Steps!
The best bit is the run down to the finish, we have designed that as a treat for Snowflake, the run down hill also helps her get up speed but we have to make sure she doesn't over do it at the final bit 'cos there is a big nettle patch there and nettles are not very nice!

On the Home Stretch!
Back in the car, Snowflake gets a rub down with one of our Doggy Towels and then has a rest while OTL gets Holly and me all dry and checked for ticks!

Back home Snowflake gets her breakfast and then has a sleep to rest her legs until lunch time.

She then does some work in the gym, she is either 'Pumpin Rubber Balls' or practising the 'Tunnel Run' which OTL has manufactured for her!

Up the start!
 She also runs and jumps all over the 'assault course' and of course, being a ferret, just loves the 'Box of Paper' in which she swims about!

A Paper Splash coming up!
 So, you see, being a Ferret in this house is not all eating and sleeping!

We left Snowflake sleeping and went out to The New Park! It was good to be back again and catch up on all the sniffs!

We even stopped at the top of the hill for a rest, well OTL needed the rest!

Wot's That?
 OTL had brought his 'Point & Shoot' camera that he had been using all day, he gets all nostalgic over his old cameras you know!

Anyway, it seems that it's not water proof and me splashing him and the camera when I went in for a 'Deep Paddle' got him all 'Showy Off', so we only had half an hour in the Swimming Hole!

A Low Level Deep Paddling Shot.
Talking of Swimming Holes, OTL stuck the camera out of the window and took a picture of our pond, looks OK we think. Now he has just a couple of other jobs to do and it will be finished!

The Pond, with some of the stones and rocks OTL has been scattering artistically!

See you tomorrow, and if you fancy coming out with Snowflake on her training run, we are down on the beach by eight fifteen every morning!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake


  1. Goodness, what a bit run for such little legs, still I expect Snowflake will be a champ whether she wins or not. Lovely pictures today, love the one of you and Holly on the bench and you in the swimming hole. The garden looks beautiful :) xxx

  2. Hi girls,

    Looks like Snowflake is very happy playing with boxes, bit like a little child really after Christmas. Keep her training Daisy as she needs to win at the County Show and get her first rosette which she can give it to TM to make a card out of. XXX

  3. Lovely pictures, the pond looks really lovely with its artistic work, is the solar fountain still there? Great to see the training sessions, I am loving it all. xxx