Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Snowflake's getting Excited!

Hi Woofers!

It's Us again, Daisy, Holly & Snowflake!

I was watching the news this morning and heard the Weather Man say that this hot weather could last until the end of the month! That will give Miss Holly long enough to get a tan all over!

Now, you know that when Holly or I get an urge for a wee in the middle of the night, Holly does a 'Woof' or I sort of 'Cry' as Old Two Legs calls it.

Last night OTL was in the middle of one of his dreams, I think he was flying, 'cos he had his arms out stretched, like he was trying!

Suddenly get sits up, slides off the end of the bed and says 'Come on then Holly'. Now Holly and me were fast asleep, until he starts to move and we both opened one eye.

There was OTL on the landing, calling Holly's name.

It seems that he 'Heard' Holly do one of her 'Wee Woofs', staggered out to the top of the stairs and only then did her realise that he was dreaming when he heard her Woof!

We think OTL has a lot on his mind at the moment, it's Snowflake he's worried about, getting a mate is a big decision!

Not that it worried Snowflake this morning. We went on our Morning Stroll and Snowflake said that she enjoys the stroll now that 'Training' is over!

All the sniffs she missed!

Hey! This is a New Sniff!
Then of course, off she charges up the pathway towards another sniff that floated down on the wind!

Come on Girls, I've found another sniff!
 Needless to say, Holly is first there asking if she can eat it!

What's it Taste Like?
 Even when we had to go back on the lead we were still enjoying the sniffs!

The Sniffin' Sisters!

Back home to a snooze after some chicken breakfast!

This is the life!

Lunch time, we left Snowflake still snoozing, you know, she snoozes more than us! Of we went to the Sea Wall. There was a gentle breeze blowing, not enough to cool us but enough to wave the flowers around so that OTL had trouble taking any photo's.

You'd think he would have given up trying by now!

Windy Innit?
 At one time he was crouching down behind the Sea Wall trying to shelter from the wind and get a picture of a moth he had found but it got scared off by a rampaging puppy dog called Holly who ran up shouting 'I Can See Ya!'

See Ya!
That was it, OTL gave up and chased us both back to the car and wouldn't let us chase rabbits on the way!

See you tomorrow and we'll let you know how Snowflake does at the Dating For Ferrets dot Com!

Fingers crossed!

By the way, Snowflake was on a lead all the time this morning, it is just that I can zap the lead with OTL's Photoshop program, dead clever innit?


Daisy & Holly & Snowflake (The Nervous!)


  1. Good luck Snowflake, may you find the ferret of your dreams x

  2. Going to be an interesting day!

  3. Don't forget Snowflake, treat em mean and keep em keen :) Lovely blog Daisy, lovely pictures of you and Holly and Snowflake. Poor OTL he must be nervous of becoming a ferret father in law to have dreams that get him out of bed in the middle of the night ;) xxx

  4. Hi Girls,

    Well will he or wont he get a mate for Snowflake? I think he will as he has been dreaming about it and waking Holly up. XXX