Friday, 2 August 2013

Holly Injured In The Line of Duty & I get Trapped Behind The Lines!

Hello Woofers!

Stand to Attention, It's Us back again, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

And Wot A Day!

This morning we were out with Mr Brambles for our morning walk, it wasn't too warm but getting a bit muggy.

Off we went, no problems, sniffin' the sniffs and doing what we do!

Then it started to rain, you know, those big rain drops that really go 'Splat' and soak you with just half a dozen drops.

That was it, we all turned around and headed back towards the car, then it stopped raining. It looks like we were just on the edge of the rain storm. Mr Brambles was steaming along having a great time, then it happened.

Old Two legs called us to come and get put on the lead, I spotted a rabbit, Holly spotted the same rabbit.

We chased the rabbit!

OTL carried on towards the car 'cos he knows the best thing is to put Mr Brambles in the car and come back for us!

That's what he did.

We chased the rabbit, we chased it through the bramble bushes, through the long grass, down under the thorn bushes and away into the gorse bushes.

When OTL came back for us, we had gone, like, vanished into the woodland! OTL spent about half an hour walking all around where we normally go rabbit hunting but we were not there. Back he went to the car, just in case we had missed each other on the way, nothing. Back he came, calling and doing that whistle thing but nothing.

OTL was getting concerned.

He went to the school field where we get trapped abut he couldn't see us at all. Then he went back to the car, still no sign of us, so back he went to start all over again.

There, on the path, at the very end of the path, stood Holly. She had one rear leg lifted off the ground and she looked mucky. Just like she had been digging, which she had!

She started to limp towards OTL who immediately lifted her paw up to have a look and after a bit, found a big thorn she had stepped on and it had stuck into her paw between the pads.


OTL got it out and checked to make sure it still had it's sharp point on the end 'cos if it hadn't, that means it would still be in Holly!

Luckily it was complete and soon she was walking on all four paws!

Back to the car she went with OTL to wait there with Mr Brambles for me to arrive.

Which I didn't.

Back went OTL, calling whistling, shouting, giving our secret call, but I couldn't get to him.

I was stuck in the school field again. I'd got through the fence chasing the rabbit but couldn't find the hole to get back!

Finally OTL looked through the metal fence and we spotted each other. I was so pleased to see him. I was imagining being stuck in there all day without anything to eat or drink!

OTL managed to lift me up over the fence and I sat on top of his hat until he pulled his arm out of the fence to grab me and put me on the ground!

Lucky or wot and it was his 'Best Hat' as well!

Back home it was a brush and check over to see if there were any nasty things on us then a bowl of lambs heart and a snooze until it was time for our afternoon walk.

Mr Brambles said that he was going to pass on this walk but Snowflake was all up for it 'cos she hasn't had a run out for a couple of days.

After two days without a run, she was all full of it and was tearing about all over the place!

You know she was even giving us a run for our money!

Out of the way Fast Flying Ferret comin' thru!
 Holly and I were kept moving all the way up the hill and normally we have at least three sniff stops!

Nah! You tell her to slow down!
When Holly finally mentioned it to Snowflake. she said it was 'cos she was thirsty and wanted a drink, so shift it an' stop moaning!

Ooo! Get You!

I'm Thirsty so Shift It! Any questions?
 At the end of the path OTL stopped to put our leads on and Snowflake legged it into a big bunch of large stinging nettles, OTL took a flying leap into the nettles to get her back and luckily she still had the lead on which got caught up on the nettle stems, so slowing her down enough for OTL to pick her up!

OTL was not a Happy Puppy!

He had nettle stings all over his arms and neck and when he got home he was covering his stings with some stuff called 'After Bite'

He sniffed like a Poo Tray that was full of stale wee!

We all suggested he have a good wash down with some soap and water!

He said he would, but only after it stopped stinging!

All is well in the end, we are all back together, safely tucked up snoozing while OTL tends his stings!

See you tomorrow, if we are allowed off our leads!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles (we never get stung by nettles 'cos we got hair all over us!)


  1. what a day Daisy ... OTL was in a right state when he returned.... the stings looked really nasty! Poor OTL

  2. Awww poor OTL .......... you girls are getting a tad too naughty lately .... you mustn't run off, if would be awful if OTL couldn't find you, he daren't go home to TM and tell her he's lost you. He'd suffer a lot more than stinging nettles. Hope Holly's paw isn't troubling her. Be good tomorrow or OTL might keep you on a lead like that hard woman TM :) ......... lovely pictures today :) xxx

  3. Poor OTL...I'm surprised he didn't turn to the TCP to treat his wounds! Get well soon OTL.

  4. Poor OTL, what about poor Daisy. Still that's one way to get back in the limelight. XX

  5. That could have been much nastier, you must not go running off you could have been "dog napped". Hope OTLs' nettle rash has calmed down, poor OTL. xxx xx