Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Mr Brambles is getting faster!

Hi Woofers!

It's us again, Daisy, Holly Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

This morning we were all having a discussion about the best way to dig a hole. 

When I say us I mean Holly, Snowflake, Mr Brambles and me! Old Two Legs was in having his shower, so we didn't include him in the discussion!

Both ferrets reckon they knew all about holes 'cos they are trained to dive down rabbit holes and chase the rabbits Out, so they have a better understanding of hole structures than us dogs wot chase rabbits Down holes and don't go into holes any further than our tails!

It was agreed that when we got down to the beach, we would all dig a hole and have it inspected to see who's the best!

Snowflake started off by getting down under the shells until she found good sand.

This is how it's done!
 Once she had got down to good sand, Mr Brambles joined in and helped shovel loads of sand out of the way.

Come on Snowflake, we'll show them!
The trouble with digging holes in the sand is not taking notice of the wetness of the sand. The wetter it is the heavier it is when you try shovelling it out of the hole!

This is getting too much like hard work!
Now Holly and I knew this, so we just sat back and watched them get slower and slower!

You see, we have done our fair share of wet sand hole digging and didn't fancy getting too worn out before the day started!

So, we just sat there on top of the Sea Wall watching them!

Well, I'm not going to tell them!

All this hole digging is good for building up you leg muscles and you can see Mr Brambles is improving every day. After the hole dig, he ran almost all the way back beside Snowflake and even she commented that he was 'Looking Good'

When we got back to the car, they both had a drink from our water bowl, then dived into their travelling cage for another slurp from their own water bottle.

It was so funny watching Mr Brambles trying to get a drink while Snowflake kept licking his ear and nibbling at his neck!

That Tickles!

In the end they were both laughing and rolling about on the cushion!

OTL was out with his Dustbin Lorries again today and hasn't got back yet.

We're off now to see if there is any decent food downstairs, anything has got to be better than that Doggy Scoff!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Oooohh you pair of cheats, poor Snowflake and Mr Brambles, digging away for all they're worth while you two sit and watch ...... mind I don't blame you really. Now who is giving you doggie scoff, I hope it's not TM, tell her to spend more on the chicken, or hearts instead of the champoooooo! Cruel woman. :) xxx

  2. TM spends her money on Crafty Bits and Bobs so there is none left for "real D & H food", shame on her. Never mind when OTL gets paid for all his hard work there might be a little share for you after TM, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles have had their fill. xxxx

  3. I put it down to too many mouths to feed, it all started with you Daisy then all the rest slowly appeared on the scene.
    Really love the last image. XXX