Tuesday, 27 August 2013

OTL tries to Fly!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

What a fun day today! We started off by Holly wanting a wee at about three this morning, so Old Two Legs was summoned to the back door and we both had a wander around the garden!

OTL was falling asleep by the back door and didn't see us wander back in and stayed down stairs while we pinched his sleeping place on the bed!

Just lately OTL has been trying the ferrets out with some Lactose free milk and some Goats milk. You see, the ferrets just love milk but the normal semi skimmed milk OTL has on his Wheaty Bangs doesn't agree with their digestive system and causes them to do 'Projectile Pooing'!

So OTL got some Lactose Free and Goats milk to see what works out the best.

The Lactose Free went down a treat and the 'PP' stopped, success!

Then he tried the Goats Milk, not such a big hit with Snowflake, who had a slurp and left the rest. Mr Brambles, being a bit of a Guzzle Guts, drank not only his but finished off Snowflakes milk as well.

Unfortunately, Goats milk doesn't stop the 'PP' like wot Lactose Free does, so there is Snowflake, out on our morning run, having a small dose of the 'PP'.

When we get home, Mr Brambles gets the 'Rumbles In The Tum' and does a bit of 'PP' down the side of OTL's filing cabinet!

OTL not happy about having to move all the cabinets, just to clear up Mr Brambles 'PP'!

This morning, both of the ferrets had the 'Pickle' in them and were jumping around while OTL cleared out their cage, then did the same on our walk, nipping each other and trying to nip us as well!

Gottcha Back! So There!
 Holly and I decided that staying off the beach would be the best option, lets face it, who wants a ferret biting your tail!

No, I'm Staying Up Here!
 They both started digging, Mr Brambles was the most prolific hole digger!

My Hole, so find your own!
 Every time we looked, he was starting on a new hole and at one time his head was under the sand and shells and he was sniffin like mad!

This is going to be a deep hole!
 Holly kept a watch from on top of the Sea Wall and kept me informed of their antics while I had a sniff in the grass!
I don't believe these two!
Back home, while OTL was doing his 'De-Pooing' bit, Snowflake started to attack the cloth he was using. So, there they were, wipe, wipe, nip, nip, jump, jump, wipe, wipe!

Breakfast followed and after that a snooze while OTL went off to do some collecting of radio stuff for repairs.

When he got back, he plonked everything down and rushed to the garage to get out one of the ladders and he climbed up onto the roof!

Now we know that radio antennae work best high up in the air, but what was he going to do?

Holly reckons he wanted to see the ships go by and I thought he was pointing out where North was, but he could have done that from the ground!

Maybe he was going to take a run and try to fly off the roof?

Then out comes The Missus and says ' Hang On while I take a Photo for the insurance company'

I can Fly!
 Insurance? Wot has she got planned?

 I think he was just messing around and when he came back he said he had been doing a small repair to the roof to stop a small leak!

We were getting worried and Holly really thought he was trying to fly!

Down on the Sea Wall there were Bozo Two Legs sitting on the beach watching the mud dry. OTL was running around chasing butterflies but they kept seeing him coming and as he got close, off they went, a quick flutter of the wings and they're half a mile down the path.

A Common Blue about to take off!
Now this one is good, in fact OTL was quite pleased with it as he has not been able to get a photo of it before. It's called an Brown Argus and although not rare, it has eluded him for some time!

Brown Argus
 Back to the car 'cos we were getting a bit warm in the sun shine, we'll be glad to get a hair cut on Friday, if just to get cool again without jumping in the water!

OTL spotted this Bumble Bee and although it  didn't hang around to be identified properly, we think it looks good with the branch curling over the top forming a frame for the bee!

Arty or Wot!

Maybe a Buff Tailed Bumble Bee?
 Off we go now, dinner is about to be served and we don't want to miss out on mugging OTL!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles


  1. Lovely butterfly's & bee pics. hmmmmm, I wondering too what TM has planned for OTL on the roof ....... it's either lots of lambs hearts and chicken or crafty stash ..... hmmmm.
    Sorry to hear about the pp's. Looks like you've all had a lovely day again, good luck with the dinner mugging :) xx

  2. I think that OTL has lost the plot, he seems to be thinking up some strange ideas latley, flying indeed.
    He did well with the Flutter buys, good stuff.
    I recon you two should give those Ferrets a wide bearth, get some good food for dinner and not Doggie scoff.