Monday, 9 September 2013

It's Monday!

Hi Ho Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles here.

You know, things are settling down to a routine here in Old Two Legs office.

First of all, he wakes everyone up with his thrashing around the office on his rowing machine. Holly says we should put some floats on it and pack him off down the Thames!

After he has finished, the ferrets are allowed out for a run around while OTL clears everything up, that is their Poo Tray and the blankets and sleeping beds and then after all that, he serves up the milk ration for them!

Slurp, Lap, Lap, Slurp, Lap, Lap, Lap, Slurp!
Once they get going there is no coming up for air until it is all gone from Both Bowls!

Holly got a slurp as well this morning, OTL poured the last of the Lactose Free milk into his empty cereal bowl and offered it to me. Well, I'm not that keen about milk and tend to have to be pushed to drink it, however, Miss (Get it Down Yer Girl!) Holly Dog just loves the stuff! She has ever since she was a little puppy, I suppose it was because she was weaned too early, well, that's what Holly says!

So, any milk, any sort, gets slurped down at full speed!

Out the ferrets come for a run around and one of them sometimes does a poo on the carpet, in the same place, every time, and OTL says it looks like Mr Brambles is the one who gets caught short!

So, every morning the Poo Tray is got out of the cage and put in the corner where OTL keeps finding the poo and today he caught Mr Brambles having a poo, in the tray, in the corner!


Mind you, that didn't stop him having another poo towards the end of our morning walk!

The Missus came with us this morning and she and us went to the left and OTL shot off to the right. Well, I know that TM loves us and wants to look after us but it just didn't feel the same without OTL, so I went back looking for him. I got as far as the car before TM came up and put me on the lead.

I was not a Happy Puppy, well, not until I spotted OTL walking with the ferrets after they had all come off the beach!

Mr Brambles had the pickle in him and kept chasing Holly and nipping her leg and at one stage he was hanging onto her hair and pulling it!

Holly just couldn't believe it, a ferret trying to bully a dog!

Back home to a bowl of Doggy Scoff, Yuk!

Holly says that she may just try a 'Ferret Kebab' the next time we get served Doggy Scoff!

Lunch time came and we worried OTL into going out again which was OK 'cos he had some stuff to deliver. Off we went and we were looking forward to a walk, that was until the rain started!

It was raining all the way to the customer but OTL said it was clearing up. Yeah right! It was still pouring down!

Off we went to a local 'Country Park' where we had been before and started our walk in that misty sort of rain. Well, we hadn't gone to far when we spotted a caravan parked in the bushes.

Funny, we thought, this is not the place where caravans are allowed to park!

Around the corner we went and there before us was an enormous 'Traveller Encampment'!

There were loads of terrier type dogs woofing at us and running around sniffin at us but not getting too close. Well, we were by now on our lead and  walking close to OTL.

We expected OTL to go back the way we came but he didn't, he walked us right through the middle of the camp, past the caravans with people looking out of the windows at us.

Pretty soon all the woofers in the camp were running around looking at us but we just kept walking and pretty soon we were out the other side!

You know, we hadn't even stopped for a wee!

Before we got home, we got a run down on the Sea Wall but although the rain had stopped, we were still a bit damp, so it was good when we finally got back home to another rub down with out own towels and a relax on the sofa waiting for OTL's dinner to arrive!

We are off to see Michael this evening, well OTL and TM are and we've instructed TM to give him a lick behind his ear from us!

OTL says there is no way he is licking Michael's ear, so don't even ask!

Did we ask?

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles


  1. Oooooohh steer clear of that Traveller encampment, they like collecting doggies. You did right to stay with OTL, good girls. Sounds like Mr Brambles has herding instincts. If I was Holly I don't think I'd try a ferret kebab .... OTL might have something to say about that. Tomorrow morning suggest that TM takes the ferrets and you girls stay with OTL. I hope TM wipes her tongue after licking your friends ear ;) xxx

  2. It sounds like you had a very full day and I bet your poor little paws ache with all that typing. Mr Brambles is coming out of his shell now and trying to rule the roost.
    So you didn't get to visit Michael, you are going to have to wait until the hospital lets him escape then you can give both his ears a licking. xxxx