Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Michael gets a Licking!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here on a dull, damp Tuesday!

It is a good sign that Autumn is about to descend on us followed by Winter, Brrrrrr!

I must tell you, Old Two Legs and The Missus dropped in to see Michael yesterday evening. It shouldn't be too long before they decide to either Throw Him Out or Operate on his knee. Mind you, OTL did suggest that they should chop it off, then he won't have any more problems!

While they were there, OTL spotted a Vertical Rainbow and managed to take a picture using Michael's mobile phone.

OTL said that TM gave Michael a lick behind his ear for us, so that's a result!

Then OTL said he told Mike that if he wants his other ear licked he could do it himself!

This morning OTL was up a little late and Mr Brambles and Snowflake had obviously got fed up with waiting for him and went back to sleep. So OTL didn't have any ferrets cheering him on this morning as he rowed around the office, they were too busy snoozing!

No, I can't be bothered either!
Although it wasn't raining, the walk this morning was a little chilly. The wind was coming in off the sea and it looked all dull and grey, not even a good sunrise to cheer us up!

The ferrets were digging away on the beach, as normal and Mr Brambles was chasing Snowflake all over the place! He obviously had the pickle in him again 'cos he was not only chasing Snowflake but he was chasing Holly, OTL and Me!

That ferret has got big ideas for one so small!

 A super breakfast of Chicken was followed by a snooze on OTL's bed, a very comfortable place to snooze!

Lunchtime we were out again and the weather hadn't improved at all, but at least it wasn't raining, yet!

Holly said that she keeps warm by jogging along the Sea Wall!

This beats rowing!
Mind you, I rather fancied a swim in the sea but the tide was still coming in and all we could see was a muddy sort of scum racing up the beach and OTL told me I couldn't go swimming in that!

What about if I jump over the Scum?
The further we went along our walk the darker it got, we could see the rain clouds gathering, so, only stopping for the occasional wee, we headed back to the car in double quick time. I don't mind getting wet when I decide to go swimming but to get caught in the rain, No Thanks!

It looks like rain!
Back home, the ferrets were still asleep, as usual, TM was slapping the Glue and Glitter about, as usual, so we decided to have a snooze before dinner time, as usual!

Not too sure what is happening tomorrow but we are going to ask OTL if we can go down the New Park 'cos that is where the Swimming Hole is and I want to show off to those big Bozo Labrador dogs who make such a big splash when they jump in the water.

I'll show them what a Terrier can do!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles


  1. The weather isn't very nice at the moment is it. Shame when it spoils the fun of swimming and walking. Those ferrets looked very cosy. I'm so glad TM licked your friends ear for you, that was kind of her. I wonder what she's making with her glitter and glue. Archie and I are snuggled up on the sofa now, it's a tad chilly here. :) xx

  2. TM just told us that Archie has got an upset tum! We know all about upset tums! Give him a cuddle and a lick on his nose for us and let's hope he is soon back to normal!


    D&H S&B

    1. Archie is much better today, he's had a cuddle and lick on his nose from you all. He sends licks for each back :) xx

  3. You two should take a picture of OTL on his rowing machine so we can all have a laugh.

    That sky looks bad, so you two keep warm.

    Mike is at home now so he will have plenty of rest.

  4. Hi Girls and Boy,
    I'm going to have a word with that OTL, chop it off indeed, I have feelings you know. And yes they chucked me out only to drag me back in kicking and screaming on Friday.
    Thank OTL and TM for coming to visit me and licking my ear if was very good of them.
    Nice to see Trevor on here and Daisy sneak a picture of the rowing machine in the blog so we can all have a laugh.

    Watch the water temperature tomorrow Daisy it is going to be cold.

    Lots of luv to my furry friends. XXXX