Saturday, 19 October 2013

A Saturday with OTL.

Hi Woofers!

It's us again, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

Today The Missus is off to her Allhallows Crop, or as we call it 'The Glitter & Glue Gathering'!

That means Old Two Legs is in charge until she comes back. So, OTL's first command was 'An extra ten minutes in bed!' Ooh! Hi is so Bossy sometimes!

That means though, he is late for his Rowing Exercise Machine, mind you, he did get his one thousand strokes in thirty minutes, so at least he kept up that bit!

Snowflake and Mr Brambles enjoyed a bowl of Lactose Free Milk each and then set about chasing each other around the office while OTL had his 'Rabbit Food and milk!

We were soon off for our walk and OTL was keeping his eyes on the sky 'cos rain has been forecast for today, loads of it!

We had some fun looking for rabbits but they had been warned about the rain, they had been out earlier for breakfast and now were back in their burrows snoozing!

When we got to the beach, along came Max and Oscar, who started to take an interest in the ferrets. OTL lifted Mr Brambles up to say 'Hello' but both dogs looked like they wanted to play a game called 'Let's Eat a Ferret'.

OTL kept an eye on them and wouldn't put Mr Brambles down until they had moved off.

So, there we were, on the beach having fun while the two Bozo Dogs were walking along the Sea Walk looking down at the ferrets. Mr Brambles got fed up with them looking at him and gave what he called 'The Ferrets Farewell'!

The Ferrets Farewell!
 That sorted those Bozo's out!

Back home it was Lambs Heart followed by a slurp of the ferrets milk and a snooze to let it all go down!

When ever I woke up it was raining, first just a dribble then a proper rain then just dribbling again, it just wouldn't stop.

Come lunch time I was getting a bit fed up and decided that if OTL put my rain coat on me, I might just risk a walk!

I'm still not too sure!
We got there and it was still dribbling down but I needed a wee, so off we set.

By the time we got down to the Sea Wall I knew we had made a mistake and was in a mind to turn around and head back to the car!

I tried the old 'I don't like it' look and even had a woof but OTL said it just as far back to the car if we carried on or if we turned back.

I really don't like this any more!
 Then, as I was walking along the shore, I noticed that the tide was right in and there was no big waves and the water didn't look cold and I thought, 'What about a swim?'

OTL said that if I couldn't put up with a bit of rain, then what is the benefit of getting soaking wet all over?

Well, it seemed a good idea at the time!

Reasons To Sulk           1. Not allowed to swim!        2.  It's still raining.     3.   I'm still getting wet.
So I sulked all the way back to the car and even woofed at a couple of Two Legs who were walking in the rain............Bozo's!

Back home to a nice warm comfortable bed to snooze the rest of the afternoon away. TM should be back by about five after she has put all the tables and chairs away.

I think I'll tell her about OTL not letting me go for a swim!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Poor Daisy, you should have told OTL if it's good enough to walk in the rain then it's good enough to swim.......... Hope TM serves him up some doggy scoff for his dinner tonight. Archie had a laugh at a bozo horse today, he was in next doors front garden getting a wash with baby shampoo ....... Archie said he was glad he has his bath in the privacy of our house. That Mr Brambles is a brave chap giving those 2 the bird with his tail ;) I hope the weather is better for you tomorrow ........... psssst see if you can turn up the resistance on OTL's rowing machine, that'll teach him to not let you have a swim ;) xxx

  2. Daisy, now it doesn't make sense to me that if you don't like rain but were happy for a swim, I don't think you should call anyone a Bozo again.... Sorry you sulked but I expect TM made a fuss of you all when she got home, chicken for you and Holly and perhaps more rabbit food for OTL that should sort him out. Hope the Glitter & Glue Gathering went well, I missed it today as Mike and I went to a party, a lovely dinner of haddock, salmon (Mike had steak) and black forest gateaux all very nice, you would have liked it. No shortbread to be seen, which is why I suppose they didn't invite you. Take care of that raincoat you may need it again. xxxx

  3. I hope that Mr Brambles did not use the particularly smelly form of the Ferrets' Farewell. Snowflake was nearer to him than the Bozos were.