Tuesday, 8 October 2013

We're Back!

Hi Woofers!

Just to let you know, Daisy & Holly are Back Home!

We got back about mid afternoon and it took ages unloading the caravan, there was so much card stuff to unload before we even got to the 'Propper Stuff'!

I wouldn't mind but The Missus took all that stuff away with her, including several evil looking machines and what did she make?


At least Holly and I got wet and cold and hot and bitten by a Tick and upset tummy from eating something on the beach and lost and found and in trouble and out of trouble and in trouble again for chasing squirrels and , and, and,.....well the list goes on for ages!

We had a super time and now we are looking forward to going to collect Snowflake and Mr Brambles tomorrow morning!

Tonight TM and Old Two Legs are off to the Chinese for some more Rice and stuff and of course, more Plawn Clackers (White)!

We have also been promised some Lambs Heart for dinner tonight, so it looks good for tonight!

Oh, yes, I forgot, OTL has an unopened pack of shortbread, so with a slurp of English Whisky inside him he should be ripe for a bit of mugging!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly


  1. I don't know, that TM, what's she like, taking all her stuff and then only making one card ............. what was she doing when she chucked you's all out? I hope they bring you back some plawn clackers ....... White ........... Glad you're all home safe .............. happy mugging for tonight and let's hope you left any locals back in Norfolk. Glad you had a good time and mischief making. I wonder what tales Snowflake & Mr Brambles have ........... will they recognise OTL and his chin warmer? ............ can't wait for the next instalment :) xxx

  2. Glad you are all safely home, save me a Plawm Clacker. XXXX

  3. I feel a spot of "unrecognition" coming from those ferrets, they will get jealous and think there is another mouth to feed, who can blame them? You, Holly and OTL have really had a busy, busy holiday but what exactly has TM been up to. All that expensive equipment and one card to show for it. Next holiday you must put your paws down and say "enough is enough, unless you are going to use all this stuff then we demand you leave it at home and bring our little friends". Maybe you could take Snowflake and Mr Brambles with you and leave TM in some sort of Card Makers Crèche, they must exist somewhere, try Googling. xxxx

    1. hahahahahaha, can you imagine OTL dropping her off with all her stuff .............. I don't think he would survive .............. but it's a good idea :)