Friday, 29 November 2013

Snowflake is Getting Excited!

Hello Woofers!

Us again! Daisy, Holly, Snowflake (The Good Looking One) and Mr Brambles!

What a night last night! We were rushed off our paws to get out to go baby sitting, we missed getting the blog published and I had to finish it off at one thirty this morning!

Of course, all this late night stuff and poor Old Two Legs was very late in getting up this morning. To be honest, so was I!

In fact OTL was so late he missed out on his paddle around the office on his 'Machine of Torture'!

We were also late in getting out for our walk as well and that didn't please the ferrets! Mr Brambles said it was difficult having to sit in his travelling cage with his legs crossed!

It wasn't so cold this morning and Snowflake didn't take too long to warm up and get going on the beach.

It's not so damp this morning!
Snowflake did her normal scan of the beach while Mr Brambles ran around OTL trying to get the lead wrapped around OTL's legs!

Now the sniff is this way!
Snowflake even called me over to share a sniff and for me to give an opinion of the consistency and validity of identification of a particularly rare sniff .

Well, I just happen to be the best sniffer in the house you see and I will always help out if I can!

Mmm, yes, it does have a certain edge to the top end but seems to lack any real base to build upon!
We both investigated it further and in the end decided it was just one of those Bozo Mutts that go around scent marking all over the place without paying too much attention to placement!

Oh yes! I see it's even spread all over here, no style these days and no control either!
Holly and I enjoyed a sit down on the beach while the ferrets were scampering along the 'Wall of Death' and playing on the Rocks.

It made a change to see the beach after all the early morning dogs had gone home!

Now this is peaceful at this time  of the morning!
Back home we were served up Lambs Heart, (cold), you know, we much prefer it all warm and tasty, but at least it's not Doggy Scoff, so we have to be thankful!

Snowflake is getting all wound up about the show tomorrow. She licking her paws to smooth down her fur and then she is shaking her tail so it fluffs up. Mr Brambles has been licking her ears to clear any bits of wax out. Not that there is any in there but it keeps her settled when he does the licking!

She keeps stroking her whiskers and brushing her cheeks with a little bit of Ferretone oil 'cos she says it makes her whiskers shine!

Mr B says that if he looks a bit 'Battered and Scruffy' it may add to his 'Rugged Persona' and get him more points!

With that in mind he has been working out by kicking the cushion and wrestling it all around the cage.

Then he grabs the Poo Pot and kicks that around the cage as well!

Oh! He can be so 'tough' sometimes!

OTL says he will take two cameras with him tomorrow, he's taking the Video as well as the stills camera, so that should be fun!

We got our new rain coats yesterday and dead smart we look too, the only problem we have is that we still can't find anywhere to secure the 'Daisy Cam', so it's back to the drawing board for OTL to find a way of mounting it!

We spent the morning snoozing and chatting with Snowflake and Mr B about the show and the new cage OTL got for the show. Snowflake said that she had worked out how to get out. if the top door is unlocked, and to prove it, this morning she got out, straight into OTL's arms!

She said she's working on another plan to dig a tunnel and of course Mr B is all for that idea!

The lunch time walk was rather boring, no woofers to woof at, didn't see any cats, no squirrels and all the birds were hiding in the bushes!

Dismal or Wot?
When you looked across to Sheerness it was grey and we could see some rain clouds in the distance as well!

Back home and there was a good sniff in the air. The Missus has been grinding away on some stewing steak to make 'Home Made Burgers'!

Now, judging by the sniff, it was going to be tasty!

Holly wanted to know if there was any bits left over like there is when TM makes the curry for OTL but we couldn't see any anywhere!

Never mind, we will just have to mug OTL and find out how tasty it is by eating half of his burger!

We are all going to get an early night tonight 'cos Snowflake and Mr Brambles have got to look their best tomorrow.

You know what? OTL has even trimmed his beard and made himself look all smart!

That's got to be worth a couple of points!

See you tomorrow and we will let you know how it goes, unless of course, your going to turn up and cheer us on!

Here comes the advert!

Harrietsham Village Hall
Church Road

Put ME17 1AP into your SatNav and it will take you there. 
Loads of parking space in the dedicated car park.
If you are showing any ferrets you can get in from 09:00hr with booking in starting at 10:30hr.
Visitors are allowed in from 11:00hr. (That's you!)
Judging starts at 12:00hr
The show finishes at 18:00hr

You will be pleased to know that food and soft drinks will be available for you Two Legs to buy. That way you won't have to share the ferrets kibble!

There will be a Tombola, so, loads of prizes and stuff and hopefully, loads of profit for the Harrietsham Ferret Rescue Centre!

OK, we are off to plan our mugging!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy, Holly Snowflake (Star!)  and Mr Brambles (Another Winner!)


  1. Good luck tomorrow all :) We know you're all stars and should all come first but I suppose some of the judges think they have to share the prizes around a bit. I hope Snowflake and Mr Brambles don't tunnel out or the judges might miss them. Daisy you are just so clever knowing all about sniffs and helping Snowflake out with them. Lovely pictures again today, can't wait for tomorrows, specially if there might be some video. Shame about the hearts being cold but I suppose TM is finding it hard to raise her culinary standards up to OTL's, most of the best chefs are men. Archie sends sniffs and licks to you all for tomorrow ......... he hasn't been to the vets for four days now, so I expect they are getting withdrawal symptoms from not having cuddles with him, he says he might have to put that right ........hmmmmm. Well happy muggings tonight, sleep well all and I'm sure Snowflake and Mr Brambles the rugged will do you all proud tomorrow :) xxxx

  2. Hi girlies and MR B, lovely photos today.... Miss Snowflake looks very good, hope she remembers to fluff out her tail, she is a real stunner when she does that. I'm sure the judges will be well impressed with Mr B he looks in good condition too now his tail is getting hairy and his war wound definitely gives him ruggedness, he is lovely trying to keep Miss S calm and looking her best. Hope he doesn't throw the poo-pot around when the judges are about. Hope OTL can find a Dog show for you two girlies to show yourselves off .. there can't be too many woofers who can blog and google like you do Daisy. Hope you do get a nibble on TM's homemade burgers and then get an early night so that you all look your best for tomorrow ... can't wait to see the pics, have fun girlies xx Jasper & his missus xx

  3. good luck for tomorrow! perhaps not a good idea to nibble the burgers as I know what's in them (spicy bits !) :-) hope you have lots of fun at the show - can't wait to see the photos! x

  4. Hi all.
    Hope to be there tomorrow but got to help get a car home first.
    Smashing blog and I am sure that Snowflake will strut her stuff. XXX

  5. Cold Heart, what can I say to that! I agree that the chefs seem to be men so we can't blame TM too much it isn't her fault she is a woman, she does her best even if her best isn't always good enough for you and Holly. She does try, she is very trying. Better not say any more in case TM happens to read this...
    Miss and Mr look very appealing, lots and lots of good wishes, the judges will be struggling to judge if all the ferrets are as beautiful. Looking forward to seeing them all fluffy and smart. xxxx