Friday, 15 November 2013

We are alive................just!

Hi Woofers!

We're back again, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

You know, it was touch and go if we would have made it through the night, we were starving, we didn't have the strength to move at all. It was only Mr Brambles and Snowflake tossing Ferret Nuggets out of their cage that kept us going, It was Hell, but we survived, Just!

We went out for our morning walk and although it wasn't raining, it was windy! It was also cold and you could tell how cold it was 'cos both ferrets stayed tucked up together in Old Two Legs arms all the way down to the beach!

Even Mr Brambles said it was cold and normally a bit of chill doesn't worry him!
This sand is as Hard as Ice!
 We all had a good sniff around and Holly found a fishy sniff on the beach that we were both tempted to have a roll in but OTL was just too close!

Wadda You reckon? Squid?
 Mr Brambles suggested a game of 'Chase the Sea Weed' but every time he threw it in the air the wind blew it away!

Well, you try to throw it then!
 In the end we all decided that a warm bed and some breakfast would be a better bet, so off we went and headed back to the car!

I've had enough, I'm off  home!
 When we got back there was some lambs heart in our bowls, it was a bit cold, not like the warm stuff OTL serves up, still, it's better than Doggy Scoff! Still, we still reckon it is a good idea to give The Missus a good 'Hand Bagging' just so she remembers to feed us properly!

You know, in the mornings OTL has breakfast in his office 'cos he lets the ferrets out for a run around and a bowl of their Lactose Free Milk. You know what? Mr Brambles finishes his milk first, goes over and robs Snowflake of the last few licks of milk in the bottom of her bowl and after that, he goes and mugs OTL for a drip or two of OTL's milk from his 'Rabbit Food'!

You know, Mr B is really good at mugging, almost as good as us doggies!

Go on, just another Milky Finger, Pleeese!
Holly says that the way he is going he could be put forward as a candidate for the title of 'Honorary Dog'!

I'll have to think about that one!

Back from the walk OTL got going again on the decorating bit, not his favourite job! In the end he had to give up 'cos his back was hurting!

So, here we are, OTL has gone out for the evening and TM in cooking up a batch of curry!

We are waiting for Matt & Thomas to come 'cos they are staying the weekend, so that should be fun and we are going to be allowed to go to visit TM's Master Class as well!

Must dash 'cos there must be some off cuts from the curry meat that we can mug!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles


  1. phewww I'm so glad you made it thru the night, you poor starving little girls. TM said you were so hungry last night that you ate the doggie scoff Daisy. Don't worry, all us ladies at the class tomorrow will have words with TM ......... handbags in the car park. You really need to get OTL to put his foot down with TM, proper food and served right! If I was OTL I would tell her, no more decorating until his little girls are happy. Beautiful pictures today. Looking forward to seeing you and Holly tomorrow, happy muggings tonight girls :) xxx

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  3. This Diary is wonderful and the pictures stunning! Thank you OTL!

  4. I was thinking of you all night with empty tummies and so pleased to hear that you had lambs heart even if it was cold, still better not complain too much. Have a lovely Saturday, TM tells me there will be 30 Crafters at the Workshop so you should find a tasty nibble or two and a huge amount of sympathy. Nice pictures, Mr Brambles certainly knows his stuff when it comes to mugging and I understand now that OTL doesn't have breakfast with the ferrets he just eats his rabbit food while they play! All understood, see you soon and keep your chins up and noses high. xxxx