Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Wet, Cold and Icy!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

I don't know what it's like where you are but down here in North Kent it is Horrid!

We were out this morning first thing and the wind was blowing and little bits of rain were stinging our eyes when we looked up to see where Old Two Legs had got to!

The ferrets were OK, Snowflake snuggled down into OTL's arm and Mr Brambles was walking up and down OTL's arm trying to decide when to get off for a sniff and a dig!

Mind you, when we got to the beach, Holly and I enjoyed a quick dig and a rush up and down the beach and that warmed us up a treat!

The ferrets had a little scrabble in the sand, a quick wee, and headed back to the car!

They were all warmed up by the time they got back!

OTL decided not to get the camera out 'cos the rain was still coming down!

Back home we had another rub down to dry off and headed towards the kitchen for our breakfast.

At the door we both stopped, then we sniffed, Oh No! It's Doggy Scoff! After all our educating she has done it again!

You know, OTL never gives us Doggy Scoff, it's only The Missus!

No cuddles tonight!

We had a snooze on the bed while OTL was playing about with the Infrared Thingy on his camera. He put a 35mm lens on and opened it right up to f3.2 and then waited for Snowflake to wake up and ask if she could have a run around the office.

Can I come out to play?
We thought that it was funny that her eyes changed colour from red to black but OTL says that's due to processing on the computer!

Lunchtime we went out again 'cos I needed a poo and as soon as we got there it started to rain, then lumps of ice arrived, horizontally!

I was OK 'cos I was in the long grass and bracken but OTL and Holly were still on the path, they got soaked! Well, Holly got soaked 'cos OTL had all his 'Wet Weather Gear' on, you know, the stuff he uses when he was doing his 'Munro Bagging'.

Holly was not happy and headed back to the car where OTL had one of our towels. She got a rub down first then woofed for OTL to get the car heater going!

Back home we headed back to the bed and crashed out for the afternoon, snuggled up in an old fleece!

OTL went back to reading bits of paper and looking in the Internet and then writing stuff in his  'Book of Knowledge' where he makes notes about 'how to do things' regarding his camera stuff.

So, we still haven't touched The Scoff, that is the last resort if we don't get any good muggings tonight!

Now, do you remember that PeterC was going to take his ferret Coca to have a wart removed, (like Mr B had) but we've not heard how it went and Snowflake is getting worried!

So, come on Peter, how is Coca?

We are off now 'cos we can hear plates being rattled together and that means 'Food' unless it's TM unloading the dish washer!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles


  1. You're right Daisy, it's been a horribly cold wet day. Fancy TM serving up doggie scoff on a cold day like today .......... bad TM ......... evil TM. She'll be off my xmas card list if she doesn't get it right soon!
    Loved the picture of Snowflake, that OTL is such a clever chap. Hopefully you'll get your new coats soon, they'll help keep you warm and snug. I hope you get decent muggings tonight ......... I've got an idea, go out in the garden, just before you go to bed, then while you're damp go snuggle up to TM, that'll teach her not to give doggie scoff on cold wet days :) xxxxx

  2. Stop encouraging the girls to be naughty, Archie's mum... they are little devils already! Hope Archie is well and that Coca's op went okay, Peter.
    TM xxx

    1. Moi? I'm just giving little ideas to help them get a nice warm tastey brekkie ;) Still waiting in results, hopefully not much longer to wait xxx

  3. Please reassure Snowflake that Cocoa is fine although her shaved leg gets a bit cold when out. She had a Sebaceous Epithelioma which was benign and the vets say that she is healing well. They don't want to see her again after yesterday's follow up appointment but that might be because she's bitten two of them even after I warned them what was going to happen.

    1. I was going to send OTL a picture of the lump but haven't dug out his email yet.

  4. Good news on Cocoa and Archie, also Snowflake and Mr Brambles but bad news on POOR Daisy and Holly this is not Cricket in this freezing weather to give them Doggie Scoff. Nice piece of rump steak, all warm and juicy would be more like it...........
    I forgive OTL for not taking pictures today, not good for the camera but Snowflake was lovely she poses almost as well as you two. xxxx