Thursday, 19 December 2013

An early Christmas Present for OTL!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles back with you again!

Today Old Two Legs woke up early to find he has got an early Christmas Present from The Missus,

She's given him her cold!

Poor OTL, sniffin and blowing his nose and his voice is all deep and grumbly!

So that's it, no Office Party no visits to customers, just curl up in a corner of the office and keep on with the medication!

Not that it worried us woofers, we wanted our walk and as it wasn't raining the ferrets were all up for a run as well!

Miss Snowflake travelled down in OTL's pocket and was a bit put out when OTL put her down on the wet sand!

It wasn't long before she had got back up the beach to the Sea Wall where the sun was shining and it was sheltered from the wind.

It's good when you get out of the wind!
 Holly and I found a sniff on the beach and were doing some serious investigation when Holly whispered in my ear, 'Just look at that Ferret!'

Just look up the beach to that ferret!

I looked up the beach and there, with his tummy on the ground, his tail sticking up, creeping towards us was Mr Brambles!

I'm Hunting Dog!
 He was doing his normal trick of trying to creep up on us but this time we spotted him before he got anywhere near us!

Snowflake had a go at some Rock Climbing, just to keep her paws in, 'cos if you don't keep practising you will loose the knack!

I think I'll use a Claw Jam Grip here!
Back home we had a shock......................DOGGY SCOFF!!!!!!!

Some days it just gets worse the longer your awake!

OTL went off to do some deliveries and left us snoozing on the bed. He had to drop into the Doggy Shop to pick up some Cat Litter for the ferrets Poo Pot and we didn't even get the chance of 'Advising' him on what we would like!

Of course, when he got back he gave the bags to TM who rushed off and stored it in the cupboard before we had a chance to sniff the bag properly!

OTL has spent the afternoon in the office, sniffin and sneezing and blowing his nose.

OTL is not a Happy Puppy!!

I think he will be having an early night and we reckon that he wouldn't be pleased if Holly does her 'I wanna Wee' trick at about two thirty!

With a bit of luck he may be a bit more 'Human' tomorrow, well as near to Human as OTL gets!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

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  1. Poor OTL I hope he gets better soon, fancy that naughty TM giving him a cold and you doggie scoff! Tsk, hisssssss booooo TM. I reckon Santa might not leave anything for TM this year unless she gets her act together. I think maybe OTL didn't take you to the pet shop is because he might have been buying nice things for little dogs and ferrets for xmas. I bet he didn't get anything for TM there though, serves her right. Snowflake and Mr Brambles look like they were having a good time this morning and you girls looked just beautiful as usual. You might like to know that our vet phoned last night with the results of one of Archies recent tests ....... his poo is perfect .......... well, we were both chuffed to little mint balls about that. I hope that TM is going to cook OTL a nice dinner tonight and plenty of it, so there are some decent muggings for you girls. If she doesn't, let me know and I'll be phoning santa and letting him know that she's not being good. :) xxx