Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Sunshine and Mists & Daisy Cam.

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

Mr B is getting a bit 'Showy Off' 'cos he is still not allowed out for a run, nor is he allowed into Snowflakes half of Snowy Heights! He says it's not the same having to sleep on his own, rolled up in his blanket bed with nothing to cuddle except his tail!

Still, only six more days, as advised by the vet, then the trap door will be opened and it will be 'Back To Normal' again and he can even get a run down the beach again!

Talking of beaches, Old Two Legs clipped the 'Daisy Cam' onto my coat this morning and switched on the camera. Well, you decide if it worked!

No, neither could we! Back to the drawing board OTL!

To make up for it, OTL tried some shots with the 'Point & Shoot' camera and at least you can see it was very misty!

Where has everyone gone?

 Of course, Miss Sneaky Snowflake wormed her way into OTL's pocket again and decided to go back to sleep. Well, she said that the sun was in her eyes but we knew better!

Isn't the Sun bright this morning?
 We ran around having loads of fun and I was trying to get all the good shots with the Daisy Cam!

Snowflake had a quick wee on the beach and decided to head back to the car, you know she can get a good lick on when she puts her mind to it!

Outta Me Way Bozo's, Ferret Coming Through!
 Mind you, she did stop a few times to have a sniff at grass, just in case there was some weasel hiding in the long grass!

Mmmmm, Interesting, but not Weasel!
 We spotted our mate Archie who is still confined to the lead 'cos he likes running away! We said 'Hello' but we think his owner wanted to get home for breakfast!

Yo! Archie, watch out for the sniffs down on the bend, a bit whiffy!
 We didn't have time to tell him about the Daisy Cam and in hind sight I suppose that is the best thing to do,........keep it quiet until OTL gets it sorted!

Daisy Cam on the right side of my coat!
Back home to chicken and a snooze.

About mid morning OTL got a panic phone call from the Dustbin Men and had to go out and make their radio system better 'cos it had stopped working and was in need of some TLC!

So, that was it, we kept ourselves busy by trying to pinch each others chew and sitting at the window waiting for OTL to return!

Tomorrow should be fun, we have all gt to stand by the front door and go Ooooo! and Aaaah! and Sooooooper! and Wow! 

OTL is off to have her hair done. It's a good job she doesn't have to have wot we have! A bath and a blow dry while being strapped up in that harness so we can't move!

Most undignified!

Bye for now!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles!


  1. Oh Daisy, I got all excited, turned on the video for the Daisy cam shots ................... awwwwwwww :(
    What a shame, still I'm sure OTL will get it sorted soon. Poor Mr B not having Snowflake to cuddle up to at the moment. Couldn't he come and snuggle with you and Holly and OTL and TM? The chicken sounds good this morning. Archie likes your coat, same as his and he wonders if he looks as good as you and Holly in them, I've told him he does. Well I hope they don't put TM in a harness to do her hair tomorrow, she might get a bit growly. Happy muggings tonight girls :) xxx

  2. Wot a shame, was looking forward to the video, never mind there is always tomorrow.
    Make sure the OTL gets rid of the smell before he gives you a cuddle. XXX

  3. There I got all ready to see the video, then you told me that OTL is off to have HER hair done, so here I am confused.
    Poor Snowflake is missing all the cuddles as well, good job she has OTLs' coat to snuggle up in. Glad TM is feeling better, chicken that's wonderful and the chance of a good mugging even better. Awaiting the Daisy Cam tune up. xxxx