Sunday, 14 April 2013

Sun Shine or Wot!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake back with you.

This morning Snowflake has been rushing around the house and in the end she just got all worn out!

It's exhausting being a Ferret!
What a super sunny day it has been, except when Old Two Legs wanted to try picking the vinyl writing off the little car, the sun went in and it began to rain!

We were out early this morning for our run 'cos we took Auntie Sheila and The Missus down to the town to catch a train up to Ally Pally, it's a 'Card Thing'!

All Glitter and Peel Off's!

Mind you, we have been told that Archie's mum, Elaine (A Wonderful Woman!), was there, but without Archie, not that we blame him, the sniff of all that glue would send us around the bend as well!

TM came back with loads of stuff, I wonder if she will ever use it?

OTL and us went down to The New Park for a super run around.

We met up with some Beef Steak!

What do you mean 'Frying Steak?'

 We got intro introduced to Charley!

Hello Girls!
Then off to pick up the caravan from the servicing place. We had great fun running in between the caravans chasing rabbits until OTL caught us and we had to go back inside the car!

Because it's Sunday, there are loads of visitors to our village and there are too many badly parked cars to be able to get the caravan in between them, so OTL has parked the van at a local caravan site overnight, just to give the visitors time to go away!

Now, because of that, we were late getting back and late getting our breakfast and Holly was late getting her medicine!

What was even worse, we were late going for our lunchtime walk, more like mid afternoon walk!

It was OK, sun shine and people on the beach, fishermen catching nothing!

Busy Catching Nothin'!
Then there were the visiting woofers to woof at. You can tell they are visitors 'cos they are kept on their leads and tied up to the railings!

Where am I, any where near Dartford?
As it was High Tide, I fancied going in for a swim but OTL advised against it 'cos the water was too cold!
OK, how about a paddle then?
 Holly said that she didn't do Sea Paddles but was happy to sit in the shade and watch the world go by!
Jus' Watching The World Go By!
Just as we were settling down, TM phoned OTL to 'come and get her' which was OK but OTL made sure he finished his cup of tea first!

It was good to see TM and Auntie Sheila back again and we even said 'Hello' to Auntie Karen (The Cat Woman) 'cos she had been up to Ally Pally as well!

I wonder if they do Ferret Shows at Ally Pally?

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake