Monday, 9 December 2013

We always meet the Bozo's!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly Snowflake and Mr Brambles here again!

You will be glad to know that Mr Brambles only just missed nipping the vet when he had his jab this morning. It was only the fact he was so busy slurping the Ferretone that he was slow to turn around when the vet stabbed him! Still, not to worry, tomorrow is the last jab, so there is still a chance!

Snowflake was super crafty again this morning and run up Old Two Legs arm and straight into his pocket, so she got a warm cuddly lift all the way down to the beach!

Who's the 'Sneaky Ferret' then?
 You could hear her cackling away as we marched along the Sea Wall!

Jus' wake me when we're there girls!
Mind you, when we got there she was emptied out of OTL's pocket and told to 'Get Going'!

Do I HAVE to?
 OTL was playing with the camera again as we waited for Miss Sneaky Snowflake to get moving.

You'd think it was sunrise but the sun had been up an hour or so!
Holly and I were having a sniff when from behind us, Snowflake called out, 'Hey, Could one of you give me a lift?'

Gissa Lift?
Just who does she think she is kidding! I told her that her claws were too sharp and on top of that we wouldn't trust her not to nip us!

You have just got to be joking!
It was as she was marching along the Sea Wall, all showy off with her nose in the air, when along came that Bozo puppy again!

He stood on top of the Sea Wall woofing at Snowflake and asking if she was 'Tasty'

Hey! Are you Tasty?
Snowflake wasn't in a good mood and called back that if he came down onto the beach she would rip his tongue out and use it for poo paper so then he could find out what a Ferret tastes like!

Ooh! She was in a right strop!

Next thing we saw was Snowflake climbing up the rock face to get to him but by then he had lost interest and was off for the rest of his walk!

Just let me at him!
 Holly said that the mood Snowflake was in she might just have beat him!

Sorry Snowflake, he's legged it!
Back home it was Lambs Heart for breakfast while Mr B went off to the vet.

Lunch time came and we were a bit late going out but that didn't matter 'cos it was still quite mild out and the wind was just a gentle breeze, nothing like wot December should be like!

Where is all the snow? OTL keeps looking at the web cams for Glen Coe cos he wants to go up there again to get some 'Snowy Mountain' pictures but it keeps raining and washing the snow off the mountain!

Maybe he will get up there in January, claws crossed!

Lunch time walk was fun 'cos we were sniffin' all over the place, OTL was clicking away at the bird's on the mud.

Grub Up Lads!
We spotted some Wormy Men digging away out on the mud. They had a Bozo Sheep Dog sort of  woofer with them and it was having a super time running around and digging and getting very muddy!

A Wormy Dog!
Holly and I played 'Chase The Sniff' and also 'Chase OTL' but he couldn't run as fast as us, so we quickly caught up with him, no trouble!

If he went any slower he'd go Backwards!
Back home The Missus told us that Archie has won a competition for putting a comment to a picture and the prize is..........................A Years Worming Treatment.............that's enough to get a Woofer excited isn't it?

Rock on Archie!

Maybe he could flog the prize to the Wormy Dog but what would he get in return?


See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles (Only One More Jab!)