Monday, 6 January 2014

Back to Work!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles here and ain't it good to be back to work again! I mean, these long holidays get a bit boring in the end!

We were up good and early this morning, well, Holly was, she did her 'I wanna get on the bed' woof which really means 'Come and lift me up 'cos it's too dark for me to see where I'm going to land!'

So Old Two Legs lifted her up and put her on the bed, trouble was, I was sleeping there and she landed on top of me! That's when the Grumbling started!

Once we got that sorted OTL had a look at the time, three thirty!


Of course, that means OTL doesn't go back to sleep and ends up doing his paddling the Mary Celeste around the office and waking the ferrets up!

We had a good walk along the Sea Wall, even though it was earlier than we would have wished for!

Never mind, the sniffs were all good and there was even a Light Show to please OTL as well!

The Light Show!
 We met up with a new woofer, he was a bit unruly, but being just three months old we didn't mind too much.

I had to give him a warning grumble when he stuck his nose under my tail without asking permission!
I don't know my name, I keep forgetting!
Our lunchtime stroll was a bit boring really, no doggies to chat to, the tide was almost in, so no birds to woof at, except the one that flew overhead squawking that 'We're all going to Drown in the Flood'!

Soppy Seagull, we are nearly over the flood here in North Kent!

Holly reckons that he is a bit bonkers 'cos it has lost a leg. That was confirmed when he said his name was Long John Silver II!

Long John Silver II
 Back home to Doggy Scoff! You can tell Christmas is over, it looks like we're on short rations until Easter!

As we expected, OTL has been playing with bits of paper and messing about on the computer, you can tell everyone is back at work today!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Oh dear, fancy Holly disturbing your sleep, I'd grumble at her too. These little boy dogs have to learn manners, they're not like little girl dogs who come with their manners. I can't believe that TM is giving doggie scoff.......... that's really naughty of her. Archie and I were both back to work today, I think we'd have preferred a longer holiday though. Archie was very pleased to see me when I got home, he's not really into guarding, he prefers having a siesta with someone else in charge of guarding. I hope you get decent muggings tonight to make up for the awful doggie scoff :) xxx

  2. Just been catching up with the last few days. Glad Ratty seems to have moved on. Love your new friends but poor 'Puddles', fancy being named after a few small indiscretions! Lovely pic of you girls hard at work in the office x

  3. I just love that Light Show picture, being after midnight I misread at first at thought you said Light Snow, deep breath, reread, oh Light Show, that's better. I really must read your Diary earlier but been watching TV for a change. You really must not wake OTL so early, he needs his beauty sleep especially when he is having to work to feed the five of you. Maybe by the end of the week you can have some real food, warmed and with a little gravy on top. State your case Daisy, make your demands, go on strike from guarding, good luck. xxxx