Thursday, 23 January 2014


Hi Ho Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

Wot a super sunny morning! We were out good and early and even the ferrets were up for a run!

Down on the beach Mr B was digging so many holes Old Two Legs said it looked like a Swiss Cheese!

Shall I do some Yodelling as well?
Miss Snowflake joined in the digging but refrained from Yodelling at the same time, she said it was just too embarrassing!

I'll just dig, thank you very much!
 Mind you, it didn't help much when Max and Oscar walked past and called out to Miss Snowflake.

Is that you Yodelling?
 She gave up the hole digging and went off to investigate the sea weed that had been washed up on the last tide.

Mr Brambles had already been dancing around in the dark green stuff called Bladder Wrack and had declared it Yucky!

Miss Snowflake tried on the stuff that was on the beach and wondered if OTL could knit her a scarf to keep her warm on the cold days!

Do I look good in this?
 Back home it was chicken again, dunno why we get it two days running, maybe The Missus got a big cheque for making the film or maybe she just got too much chicken out of the freezer last night!

After breakfast I rushed up to OTL's office and got under the desk, my normal position, ready for a snooze. Now, my cushion wasn't there and I didn't fancy sleeping on the hard floor, but I waited there expecting OTL to get the cushion, which he didn't!

Instead, he got the ferrets 'Play Tunnel' out and opened the cage door to let Snowflake out. Then he shut the office door and sat down at the desk. He was playing with Snowflake getting her to chase the cat tease and run about all over the office floor and over the Play Tunnel.

Then Snowflake stopped, looked down the office and came running up to me!

OTL, wondering why she had left the cat tease alone, swung around to see Snowflake and me, nose to nose, and me doing my very low down grumble!

Now, my 'Low Down Grumble' is a serious grumble that tells you 'I mean Business' and you had better back off, go away, desist or just Stop!

Snowflake just stood there, her nose still touching mine.

OTL, very gently said I was a good girl and put his hand down between our noses, then picked Snowflake up!

I got some more 'Good Girling' and Snowflake had to go back in the cage, which didn't please her too much, but at least we were both safe!

Lunchtime it was a bit windy down on the Sea Wall but we didn't hang about 'cos Michael & Sue were arriving for a visit. Holly said that they would be bringing Super Scoff for us doggies and we wouldn't eat our dinner 'cos we'd be too full.

Oh dear! Nibbles for OTL and The Missus and we didn't get a sniff! You know, I even tried the old 'Wet Tongue in the ear' trick but that didn't work either!

I reckon OTL must have warned them about our diet!

So, no cuddles for OTL tonight!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles


  1. I tell you Daisy that Snowflake is getting a bit too big for her boots. No yodelling, wanting a scarf made from sea weed and THEN going nose to nose with you under OTL's desk ........ you are such a good girl for not eating her (I bet she tastes like chicken). Glad to hear you're getting decent scoff. How could a visitor come and not bring you a tasty morsel or two. I'll bring you a treat next time I come down to TM's master class. I'd lick my bum and then give an ear lick if I'd have been you. Hope you get some little tasty treat tonight for being such a good girl :) xxx

  2. Love the Swiss Cheese beach, very tasty and I thought the scarf idea was very good, OTL must do a knitting course and make you a special scarf for Snowflake plus another for Mr Brambles, then one for you and one for Holly and TM, and, and, all his 2014 Christmas presents sorted. You are right Daisy, we were told not to bring you big fattening gifts and only bring little fattening gifts for OTL and TM so we did as we were told and were rewarded with two cups of tea, (not really but it is a good story). It was lovely to see you all today and chicken again, I hope you are not complaining, you moan about Doggie Scoff and now you complain about chicken two days running, there is no pleasing some doggies! You did get a corner of a biscuit!!! You and Holly are beautiful, we would not want to spoil you. I bet you do give OTL and TM cuddles tonight because they deserve it. Be good tomorrow and enjoy yourselves, will it be chicken again? No doubt we shall find out. xxxx

  3. Lovely pictures of you all in the sunshine by the time we got going the sun had disappeared, my blog is very dull compared to yours Daisy. Keep munching on those carrots. XXX