Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Nothing Like a Good Roll!

Hi Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

We saw something funny last night after uploading the blog. Old Two Legs was back up in the office shutting the computers down and making everything tidy for the morning when he noticed Miss Snowflake having a back scratch against the plastic ramps in Snowy Towers.

OTL, being a helpful sort of Two Legs, opened up the door and picked her up, put her on his lap and started to scratch her back using all his fingers. He does the same for us when he takes our collars off 'cos we do enjoy a really good scratch around the back of our necks!

It is HEAVEN when he does it!

Well, it seems, so, does little Miss Snowflake! She put her chin onto OTL's leg and arched her back, up comes her tail and it blows up like a Bottle Brush! Then on top of that, she starts to swish the tail from side to side!

Then she turns her head around and licks OTL's finger!

That ferret sure does love a scratch on her back!

This morning we were out a bit later than normal 'cos OTL got up late, even after having Holly and me licking his ear!

As normal, it was wet under paw but at least it wasn't raining!

Down on the beach we all had a good run and the ferrets got going with their hole digging as well!

Mr Brambles has even started to use his nose to help shovel the sand to the sides after digging it up and piling it in front of him!

It's My Hole, My Precious!
Miss Snowflake found a bunch of sea weed and had us all laughing as she tried to play 'Keepy Uppy' with it!

Look! On Me 'ead Son!
 Mr Brambles and I had a 'Discussion' about possession of the hole, I wanted it but he didn't want to give it up, so I woofed at him and he said he would bite my nose off!

So, I let him keep it!
After the beach we headed for home but I caught the sniff of a particularly interesting sniff and sort of hung back as OTL, Holly and the ferrets headed back towards the car.

Then I found it! Wow, it was strong! So, what should a little puppy like me do?


I had a good roll in it!

It was all over me from my collar to my tail!

When we got back to the car OTL dried off the ferrets and Holly then called me over, he started to dry my paws and it was then that he saw my back!

He called me a 'Mucky Puppy' and a 'Pongy Pooch' and a 'Smelly Nelly' and a 'Stinky Mutt'!

Me? Smelly? Pongy? Mucky? STINKY?


Back home I got washed from the tip of my nose to the end of my tail, and he didn't leave no bit unwashed at all!

These Two Legs just don't know how important it is to get a good pong on your back!

Lunch time we went out again but OTL had miss judged the rain. When we got to the car park the rain was coming down and turning so that it went horizontally! The wind was more like a hurricane so that means a quick wee around the back of the bushes and back to the car!

We got soaked, well, where the rain coats weren't, we got soaked, but OTL got even wetter! Where he's standing at the back of the car giving us a rub down with the towel, the wind and rain was still coming horizontally and he ended up with soaking wet trousers, back, front and sides!

He said it was most uncomfortable to drive home!

We got another rub down from The Missus when we got back and OTL got a dry pair of trousers!

So that is our day really, cold, wet, damp but back home in the warm. Unfortunately, the food is still horrid, yes, it's Doggy Scoff again!

We'll be glad when TM goes up to Coventry on Friday for a week of baby sitting and doing a 'Master Class' at least we'll get some real scoff from OTL!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. I think we all like our backs scratched. I'm sure Mr Brambles is the answer to the flood defences with his trenches and holes. Kind of you to let him keep the hole and not put any holes in your nose. That sniff must have been really good because you know OTL always washes you when you take one home. Look at all those names he called you, I hope you got him back when he drove home with wet trousers. You could have called him Mr Piddlepants. Sorry to hear about the doggie scoff, what a let down. Still not long now till OTL takes his place in the kitchen with his super cooking skills. I bet you'll miss TM and her glue pots really. I know she'll miss you. Maybe you'll get a little snackette tonight to make up for the scoff earlier. Have a good evening, show those beautiful doleful eyes and I'm sure you'll melt OTL if not TM :) xxxx

  2. I didn't comment yesterday on the eggcellent video. Did they finish the egg in the one sitting? If they don't know what to do with it next time, try breaking it in two with the pointy end being the larger section. Then you have a good chance of getting an egghead ferret when they lick it out. You can also try this out when you cook omelettes or use raw egg as an ingredient. Mine always like to lick the shells out.

  3. I reckon they polished off about three quarters of that egg with Mr Brambles getting the major share! Still it will be fun seeing what they do with it next time!

    1. Hope Mr Brambles doesn't get constipated. xxx

  4. Come on Mr Brambles you could be famous as save Mr C loads of money and get a medal to boot.
    Daisy you are a messy pup but OTL loves you so much that after he calls you all those names he gives you a cuddle. TM will soon be away, tomorrow and then the fun starts. XXX