Wednesday, 19 February 2014

We've Been Everywhere!

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

It has been one of those 'Busy, Busy, Busy' days today. First of all the alarm went off at six this morning. Old Two Legs has got to have his 'Paddling Fix' on the Mary Celeste II!

We have been having a lay in the last few days, what with the other machine sinking, OTL not being able to paddle, it has been quite relaxing!

So, there he was this morning, thrashing about trying to look all macho and Yo Ho Ho Me Hearties!

Still, after the few days off he managed over one thousand strokes in thirty minutes, not bad for an old duffer like him!

We headed for the Beach and on the way, Mr Brambles popped his head out of the Ferret Bag to have a look around, OTL picked him up and cuddled Mr Brambles in the crook of his arm. That was super as far as Mr Brambles was concerned, he could see what was going on and still stay out of the wind!

To show his appreciation, he snuggled up to OTL's beard and gave him a lick, just a ferrets way of saying thanks!

Miss Snowflake on the other paw, all she wanted was to get back into the bag!

Pleeese, Can I get Back in the bag?
When she is in one of them moods she has a habit of running backwards, normally in circles until she bumps into OTL's boot, then she tries to climb up his leg!

Oh Gawd! Look, a ferret reversing, again!
 It took a little while for her to get going in the right direction and soon they found a 'Super Ferret Type Sniff' and proceeded to do a ferret style roll in it. You know, OTL didn't even tell them off!

We think that is unfair 'cos he always tells us off and calls us Smelly Nelly's!

Come on, I want a share now!
 What ever it was, it seemed to put the wind up their tails and before we knew it they were rushing up the Rock Face in a Race For The Top!

Race Ya!
Back home OTL was getting together some stuff for deliveries so that means we may get to the New Park again, if we were lucky.

As it turned out we ended up in Riverside Park which is not so big but equally full of sniffs worth sniffin!

Nah! This one is better!
Holly found a super sniff by the notice board and said it was big Water Rat who had passed by. Now I'm not going to argue with her but just when has she seen a Water Rat before?

Yes, definitely a Water Rat!
 The tide was coming in and it is surprising how Yucky it looks as it creeps up the beach!

Seriously Yucky!
 We had a walk along the Old Wall and I remember how we used to play Pirates along the wall in the summer time!

This is where we played!
 OTL said that he always seemed to take pictures 'On The Way Out' but never 'On The Way Back', so, this time he did!

Looking back towards the car park!
We went passed the Old Wreak and after some close inspection, I still reckon we could rebuild her. A few bits of wood and the Missus's Glue Pot and a couple of nails I think she would float again!

We have the Technology and a Big Hammer!
 After the Riverside Park we headed off towards Tonbridge and were amazed at the amount of water still sloshing about in the fields, it's a good job we were in the car!

All stuff delivered we headed back home for a snooze before OTL starts cooking his dinner, curry tonight, so we may get a bit of Nan Bread dipped in the gravy, if we are lucky!

OTL says that TM should be back tomorrow, so I suppose it is out with the vacuum cleaner tomorrow morning!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles


  1. You've really had a good week, this week what with all those places you've visited. Did OTL have a nip of rum when he was paddling about on his boat? I think that boat you found at Riverside Park would look lovely in your front garden, I'm sure TM would lend you some glue to mend it. Lovely pictures again today. It doesn't seem quite fair those ferrets not being washed from tail to nose after rolling in sniffs. Holly does seem to be an expert on sniffs. Hope all the cleaning goes well tomorrow if TM is coming home. I'm sure you girls have kept it nice for her. Hope you manage to get a bit of naan bread and gravy from the curry tonight. Have a good evening, hope you manage one last sing song before TM gets home. :) xxxx

  2. Yo ho Girls .. I'll be back tomorrow... cuddles all round! Mmmm... I think we will leave that boat where it is ... But hoovering is a good idea !
    TM xxxxx

  3. So we have another picture of Hollys' best side! Perhaps TM is right about the boat but still a good idea, it may need more than a bit of wood probably about four, worth remembering for when OTL has some spare time on his hands. Lovely pictures again, a trip down memory lane, can't be bad, I am so looking forward to some nice dry weather and being able to get out and about without the slippery stuff. Tomorrow a red letter day, the day TM comes back to the roost, cook her a nice dinner, bottle of wine and some nice flowers and she will be so stunned that you will get good dinners for the rest of the month. xxxx

  4. Have you got the hoovering done yet? TM will want to try her new sweeper out so best not bother. As TM says, leave the boat were it is it will soon break up with the tides.
    Glad the rowing machine is working ok and is it moving around the office yet?
    Don't wee on TM tomorrow Holly. XXXX