Monday, 24 February 2014

Woofers and Visitors!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

Wot a busy day today!

Started out this morning with a run on the beach, as we do, Miss Snowflake was doing her 'I need a cuddle' routine!

I really Need a Cuddle!
 Holly and I were a bit further down the beach, having found a sniff that at first seemed interesting until we realised that we had sniffed it yesterday!

Holly was getting a bit fed up with Snowflakes antics in trying to get picked up. So, taking a deep breath she bellowed out 'GET YOUR TAIL MOVING YOU 'ORRIBLE LITTLE FERRET!'

 I must say it seemed to work!

We were all off running down the beach! I found a sniff and proceeded to dig a hole but Mr Brambles took a liking to it and we had a little tussle to begin with.

Gerroff me Hole!
In the end he won!

I just Love a Hole!
 He snuggled down in it and did some more digging, just to 'Finish it Off'!

Cheeky Ferret!

Lunchtime we had to go out to do some deliveries down town and guess wot? It was close to the Riverside Park! Yep! We headed down there straight after dropping the stuff off!

First of all Old Two Legs took a picture of the Old Barge, but from a different angle and unless you knew it was the Old Barge you'd think it was some thing else!

A new View?
 Up the Horrid Hill End we climbed over all over the rocks and woofed our way around the headland. OTL tried another shot of the trees making an archway over the path.

The Tree Archway
 Holly was full of fun, running and chasing me all over the place. She really had the pickle in her today, you could see it in her face every time she stopped!

A Right Pickle Puppy!
 Back home we dived into the house to find Michael and Sue had arrived, so it was 'Licky Noses' all around!

Michael showed The Missus how to turn her iPad Thingy off 'cos she was saying how the thing keeps loosing battery power!

OTL said that she should 'Read The Manual' but I think it was wasted on TM!

Another thing, they they all were, sipping tea and coffee, dipping the Shortbread biscuits into the tea and they didn't even offer us a nibble!

That's it, no cuddles or Licky Noses next time!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles (King of the Holes)


  1. Goodness what a busy day. Maybe Holly should join the army .......... I bet Snowflake jumped to it when Holly told her too. As for that Mr Bramble pinching your hole, how cheeky but how good are you to let him have it. So is that picture of the barge to show TM to get her to agree with taking the ferrets on holiday? OTL can trail it along behind the caravan with Snowy towers in it. I don't believe your visitors didn't give you so much as a crumb, are you sure they didn't bring a carrot or another little treat and TM has hidden it away? Us ladies don't do manuals or distructions when it comes to technology, they aren't written in glitter so we don't bother with them. Have a lovely evening, psssst did you have a chicken brekkie today? Archie and I have had a word to TM and Archie revolted the other night about you getting doggie scoff. Looking forward to hearing about your day tomorrow :) xxxx

  2. Er, I will have to correct you Daisy, whilst you were upstairs and away from the action your sister had a nibble of a biscuit. Next time make sure you are about and it could have been your lucky day.. Lazy Sunday, that barge has a hole in it so and full of muck so I don't think it will be going anywhere soon. Love the "pickle puppy" shot. xxxxx

  3. Oh yes, Lazy Sunday it was chicken breakfast today and Holly had a bit of my shortbread too. Daisy was too busy writing about her adventures and the very minute she was complaining that she had no food her sister was downstairs tucking in, sometimes our Daisy can be a bit ???? I loved the picture of "Pickle Puppy", wonderful and also the picture of Snowflake on the wall under Holly's so Daisy you had better hurry up and do some posing, perhaps wait until next month when OTL has more pennies for ink and it will be your turn and Mr Brambles that's going to be lovely. Good of you to help Mr B dig a hole because his usually turns out to be a small trench and you made a proper hole which was a nice resting place for him out of sight. Hope you had a lovely evening, we really enjoyed our visit to you but we must visit when the two little furrys are awake as well. I am very pleased with my present made by TM so I won't mention having the boat in the garden or making placards................. well not today. XXXX

  4. Daisy. .. did I miss it? What did Mr Brambles think of the Rock in his cage when he woke up? x