Monday, 17 March 2014

OTL has been Playing at being a Farmer!

Hi Woofers!

Another sunny day down here in North Kent, a little wind but just enough to keep you cool as you jog along The Sea Wall!

We were up early this morning 'cos The Missus decided to put all her card stuff back in her room and 'Sort it Out' at the same time.

The noise was Horrendous!

Lights being switched on, crashing of boxes and bins, poor Old Two Legs had to get up a whole fifteen minutes earlier than normal!

Down on the beach Miss Snowflake was having fun digging some more holes and chasing OTL asking for a cuddle!

LoadsaSniffs here!
You could see she was enjoying it all 'cos she kept on dancing from one pile to another and doing the ferret 'Snuffle', it's a bit like Moon Walking but uses for feet instead of two!

I just Love a good Snuffle!
Looking across the Medway we could see the sky getting brighter and the clouds were slowly being blown away!

Getting brighter all the time!
Just for a change we didn't see any other woofers and there was no one else out at all!

When we got down to the Rabbit Hunting Ground, Holly and I kicked up six rabbits and of course we were tearing around the bushes, going crazy!

It never ceases to amaze me just how deaf us woofers go when there's something to chase, like the rabbits!

OTL got fed up calling us and took the ferrets back to the car and then he came back for us!

Once we got back home OTL finished all his jobs and then went out to the garden with a rake in one hand and packets of seed in the other hand!

Pretty soon he was raking the soil in the 'Wild Flower' section of the garden and scattering the seeds. He said it was called 'sowing the seeds' but Holly said it looked more like he was shaking the packets of seeds. Then he planted some Goats Beard seeds he collected last year. So it should be fun seeing what grows out of that lot, providing the birds don't eat up all the seed or us doggies dig holes everywhere!

Lunch time we were down the Sea Wall again and as we walked from the car park there was a woofer charging about, you'd have thought he had never been let off the lead before in his life!

What a woofing he made, running and jumping all over the place!

What a noisy Woofer!
I was first down to the beach and found a stick which I put down at OTL's feet, he knew just what I wanted and he tossed the stick into the sea! In I went, my first swim of the year! The tide had just turned, so I was good and safe! I was in and out at least ten times and I got soaked from my nose all the way back to my tail and I had all four paws off the bottom and I was really swimming!

Come here sticky!
OTL was on the look out for butterflies 'cos he had brought his Infrared Camera with him and wanted to see what would happen when the sun was reflecting off the wings.

Well, I can tell you what happens, nothing!

First Red Admiral of the year!
We had a great walk and when we got back to the car OTL got the towel out and gave me a good rub down, even though I was wriggling about!

He had to have two goes at drying me 'cos he missed my tail the first time due to my wriggling!

'Ere, My Tail's Still Damp!
On the way back home we got held up at the traffic lights where the workmen are digging up the road, so OTL gets the camera out and takes a picture of the tanks that hold the frozen gas that is stored there!

Not only is there gas but around the site we have seen Marsh Harriers flying about hunting food and there have been Herons in the reeds and one time OTL reckons to have heard a Bittern 'Booming', though he never saw it!

Wild Life here!
 Back home to a bowl of chicken and biscuits followed by a snooze with our paws up in the air!

Now what's this about Archie Babe being under the weather? We reckon he has not been getting his share of steaks and beef joints and chews and 'Doggy Treats'!

You tell them Archie Babe, a doggy needs his comforts!

Talk about comforts, OTL has got to get in touch with the vets about a prescription for our anti flea stuff and he will ask about some stuff called Advantix which is supposed to kill off Ticks!

We bet he will still be crying when he comes back home!

Mind you, the vet may want to see us for a checkup before giving OTL the prescription, more expense!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles'


  1. wow, you've had a super busy day. That TM is a bit naughty waking you all up with her sorting out. Look at Snowflake snuffling this morning, I bet she enjoyed it. You're brave Daisy going in the sea, you wouldn't catch me in there just yet ........ brrrrrrrr. Your garden will look beautiful if all those seeds grow. Try hard not to dig them up then we can all see the pictures. Archie is a bit itchy at the moment, it seems the sun and the pollen might be causing him some problems, he's getting well spoilt though. He demands to be spoilt, he had a visit to the vet's on Saturday and made her cuddle him before he let her examine him. I'll take note of your feeding suggestions though Daisy and see what I can do. I hope your vet doesn't make OTL cry, poor chap will be buying loads of boxes of tissues. Have a lovely evening all, Hope the muggings are good tonight :) xxxx

  2. Is TM spending more money, is that why she is having a sort out? Sounds ominous to me! Would love to see Snowflake doing her dance on the shells you must take the video camera soon and show us. Lovely to see the red admiral and the blossom today and wonderful to have your first swim of the year that must have been glorious. Friday promises to be some of the wet stuff from the sky so make the most of it. OTL is getting stocked up for your visit to Scotland to see the midges, I hope the ferrets aren't affected by them or do they have to be dosed as well. That wallet is getting very thin, you had better send the man to work again or there will be no goodies in your bowl. Have a lovely Tuesday, xxxx

  3. That pic of you with that infra-red thingy makes you hair look grey Daisy. Wow first day for a swim, my you are brave. Glad the sun came out for you this morning. I had to work. XXX