Thursday, 24 April 2014

OTL gets a new lens & Mr Brambles leaves his mark!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here again!

Yesterday we had two parcels delivered for Old Two Legs, one was to do with work and the other was a new lens for his camera!

When we go out walking with the ferrets OTL has to take pictures without looking through the view finder, so it is more a case of 'Point and Hope'!

He has tried his other lenses and although the 12-24mm lens was good, it was heavy, and too big to handle one handed. So, he reckons that a 35mm lens will give him the magnification he needs for close'ish shots of the ferrets, more distance shots of Holly and me and the 'Landscape' shots of the sea and the shore.

Well that's the plan and this morning was his first outing with it on the little Nikon D200 camera.

Wassup 'ere?
His first shot was of Miss Snowflake doing some exploration after her breakfast of Kibble and Lactose Free Milk. She had already tried jumping up twice and twice she had fallen off!

We headed off to The Beach and OTL tried a Landscape picture of Sheerness and the Isle of Sheppy.

Good Morning Sheppy!
We got onto the beach and as OTL was getting the ferrets out of the Ferret Bag, this load of Bozo's walked past and one of them just had to ask.........Are those Ferrets?

One day OTL is going to answer back............No, they are Ninja Hedgehogs!

Bozo's R Us!
Miss Snowflake was the first out of the Ferret Bag and stood very still sniffing the sniffs on the air. 'Mmm' says Snowflake, 'I can sniff Kebab!'

Mmmm! Donna Kebab!
OTL showed Miss Snowflake the picture and she asked for another, but from the other side, just to see what is her best side.

Is this my better side?
Holly said that that Snowflakes best side was her backside 'cos it means she is going away so we are safe from being bitten!

Before  Miss Snowflake could answer, Holly found a stick and we had a good game of 'Chase The Stick' along the Sea Wall!

My Stick!
Miss Snowflake went back to sniffing the shells and said that she would 'Sort Holly Out' later!

Mmm! Sniffy Shells!

Back home OTL was hard at work so we left him to play while we had our morning snooze.

We heard him call out that he had seen a baby sparrow in the nest box, just one. It is difficult to see 'cos the nest is a real ball of mess and the camera can't show the whole nest 'cos the grass goes over the top of the nest, so all we see is a very out of focus blur with just a little bit of sparrow in between the bits of grass!

Lunchtime OTL tried to sneak out without us, fat chance!

Off we went to the town where he had some stuff to drop off, then afterwards, The New Park!

We hadn't been there for ages, they had built a Cafe with seats outside so the Two Legs can have a drink or something to eat and still keep the woofers by their sides!

We didn't stop for any food, it was the swimming hole that interested us! There was however, one small problem. We had forgotten the ball! We couldn't find a stick on the way down and there were no sticks or lost balls around the Swimming Hole!

OK, So Now What Do We Chase?
There we all were, wondering what to do when this Spaniel type just happened by with his own ball! Do you think he would share it with us?

No Way!

He went splashing in the water, and fetching it back and splashing out again and bringing it back, well it almost made us dizzy!

What was worse was the smirk on his face as he headed off back to the Cafe!

Well, if there is nothing for us to chase then we might as well have a run to dry off!

Off we went and had a run and then it was sniffs all the way back to the car!

A Super Place for Sniffing!
 Back home to have a snooze, via The Doggy Shop!!!!!!!

OTL got some Chicken Fillets and Holly and I had one each! It was super, chewing away in the back of the car, having a slurp of water from our travelling bowl, then back to the chicken fillet!

While OTL did the chauffeuring bit while we looked out the back window!

We know how to live!

So, we are looking forward to mugging OTL tonight, providing he has something we like!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

P.S. It was Mr Bramble who poo'd on OTL's towel, seems like it's called a 'Marker Poo' a bit like an Otter doing Spraints, well, they are all of the same family!


  1. I'm glad the mystery of the poo on the towel has been cleared up ........... Archie and I were in suspenders last night wondering who dunnit. Goodness me there's a lot of bozo's down in Kent. What a meanie spaniel, not sharing his ball with 2 beautiful ladies .......... Archie says he will share everything with you 2. Never mind at least you had a paddle and a nice trip to the doggie treats shop. I hope there is something worth mugging tonight. Lovely photos today, that new lens seems to be working well. Have a lovely evening tonight and hope the weather stays nice for you tomorrow. :) xxxx

  2. Hi girls and Mr Brambles, nice lens and nice images to boot, its so good the I spied "the watchers" in the background of the last shot. BTW we found that place the other day and it is amazing. The only problem is that we went in the holidays and there were loads of "bozos" about. XXXX

  3. Good photos from the new lens, it sounds a good idea to be able to take all the necessary shots without changing lenses and OTL wouldn't be able to do such a wise range as he can't keep changing for the whims of four fluffy, furrys (pardon my description). x Your secret is out with the watchers, we had always wondered where they were and whilst out last week we came upon them, they are even bigger in real life. Chicken fillets today, wow, you made the most of them, what a lovely OTL you have but I hope you didn't make too much of a mess, not like that Mr B who did unthinkables on the towel. You had a nice warm swim even though you didn't have the ball, still he made up for it with the chicken. xxxx