Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Sun Shine and Gardening!

Hello Woofers!

We're back again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

Yesterday Old Two Legs got a phone call from the people who are going to do our drive. They were supposed to arrive on Thursday but he said that he would be a day earlier!

That caused some hasty re arranging of things and the leisurely trip to the caravan place to leave the caravan for a service turned into an early morning wake up to get it off the front of the house before the men arrived with their big Digger!

So, instead of a trip to the beach with the ferrets, we got a quick trip around The Fields and back in time to make them their first cup of tea!

OTL had departed with the caravan and then the fun started!

They started off by playing at digging holes with the digger, and, you know what? They were shifting more earth than Holly or I could do!

A 'Hole Lot of Fun'!
 Holly thought it was a great joke that on the side of the truck it mentioned 'Muck Away'!

They were steaming away and The Missus felt sorry for them and took some tea and biscuits to them.

Then she stood by the window watching them to make sure they didn't spend too much time on their 'Tea Break'!

TM said they weren't being paid to drink tea all day!

Tea Break Over!
 It wasn't too long before OTL came back and went off to do some work in the office. Now, we're not spoil sports but Holly, the ferrets and me reckon we deserved a run out in the sun, so, I jumped up and shoved the back of OTL's chair and gave him the old 'Hairy Eyeball'!

He got the idea!

Down on the beach it was super! The sun was shining and the wind was gentle and everyone who saw us stopped to go Ooooo! and Arrrrr! and 'Wot Lovely Dogs' and 'Are They Ferrets'?

Holly and I had great fun tearing up and down the beach and Holly said she was going to 'Catch Some Rays' while the ferrets did some digging!

Well, it beats woofing at birds!
Mr Brambles dug several holes then wandered over to Holly to see what she thought of them.

Yeah, not bad considering!
I happened to mention that Mr Brambles is putting on weight and developing a big back end! He said that during the breeding season male ferrets put on weight and it is considered to be dead smart for a male ferret to have a big back end!

A Well Proportioned Male Ferret in his Prime!
 I said that it was a good job Holly wasn't a ferret 'cos she had an enormous butt....................
................and that's when the fight started!

It didn't last long because it was too hot to fight and OTL told us to both 'Act our age'!

Enjoying the shady spots!
Back in the car the ferrets were pleased to get back in their traveling cage 'cos they have a water bottle full of water to drink!

Ladies first!
 Poor of Mr Brambles got shoved to one side while Miss Snowflake was guzzling at the water but he did get his fill after she had finished!

'er! I got water dripping on my head!
Back home the men had almost finished laying the 'Foundations' to the drive and were packing up to go home. After they left a man in a High Viz Jacket came along and was sticking a metal pole into the water taps in the ground and listening to them by putting his ear to the other end. OTL said he was looking for drips and Holly said that he could find one in our house, and then she looked at me!

Looking for drips!

 ...................................................and that's when the next fight started!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!


  1. What a lovely day. Didn't you offer to send Mr B out to help dig? Glad you've had a good day, with lots of amusement. Now you and Holly are cheeky to each other ..... you calling her big butt and her calling you a drip ......... tsk......... ladies. You have to tell TM men work faster without tea breaks ...... I bet they got some of her best biccies. I hope you and Holly got better brekkies today. Sounds like OTL hasn't had a minute to himself today, he needs a sit down tonight with a snifter and some shortbread. The driveway looks very impressive. Remember no paw prints ;) Have a lovely evening xxxx

  2. Wot a professional job they are doing on the drive, it's going to look very smart. Smashing pics of the Ferrets today. Hope all goes well and OTL will be able to park the big car on the drive. XXX

  3. I am glad to see that when the men with the digger left there were still six of you in the house, we would not want to hear that "One of Your Six is Missing" because you all need each other and although TM doesn't always feed you as she should she does her best. Her best is not always good enough but you wouldn't want the digger men to accidentally "hide" her under the paving! It is looking good and when the caravan comes back you will be able to put it safely back. Love the slurpy picture, that bottle was just what they needed after the heat of the day. xxxx