Friday, 11 April 2014

What Lens? What's for Dinner?

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here again!

It was a bit of a slow start to the day today, first of all we were late in getting up and that includes the ferrets!

Down on The Beach it was cloudy and there was a slight chill to the wind, but not enough to stop us having fun!

Mr Brambles started off by investigating a smelly old plastic bag, Old Two Legs told him to 'Leave It Alone' 'cos you never know what has been in the bag!

What? Me?
 OTL was playing about with his camera, trying to work out a 'Do It All' setting where he could photograph the ferrets and us without looking through the view finder. Yeah, I know, but if that what he wants to do, let him play!

And play he did, chasing the ferrets all over the place, waving the camera around trying to take pictures of the ferrets!

Come on Dear, smile for OTL!
OTL was using a 50mm lens but getting us all in was a bit difficult, so tomorrow he will try another lens!

Mind you, it didn't stop the ferrets from being a right pain in the tail! They kept sneaking up behind Holly and me and nipping us. Then they would roar with laughter as we jumped up in the air in surprise!

Mind you, a ferrets version of laughter is a 'Dook, Dook, Dook' sort of sound!

Back home they were still full of life and Miss Snowflake was investigating OTL's boots. Now you wouldn't believe that a ferret could fit in the boot but Snowflake can, and still have a scratch at the toe cap!

It whiffs a bit in here!
No matter how many times OTL tickled her tail, she would come flying out to see who it was then dive back into the boot again!

This one Honks as well!
We went out with OTL into Maidstone to visit one of his customers and while he went in to the office, Holly and I sat in the car woofing our heads off at all the squirrels there were running around the car!

Back home again, but we stopped off at The Beach again and went chasing rabbits while OTL went back to playing with the camera settings.

Some of the flying insects were out looking for food, so there was OTL, kneeling down next to the plants clicking away!

Buzz, Buzz at f/5.6
 The snail was fast asleep so OTL didn't get a shot of his face but the wind dropped just enough for this picture!

Another one at f/5.6
 Now, there we were, chasing rabbits and generally having a good time when OTL called me over and made me sit down in front of him and look at a bit of grass he had picked.

Watch the grass!

This is f/1.8!
 Holly got the same treatment but she had just finished chasing a rabbit and was well pleased with herself!

A Happy Holly at f/2.8!

Back home we found Auntie Sheila in the front room playing with the glue pot, so Holly and I headed off to the office 'cos we didn't want to get covered in glitter and stuff!

Tomorrow we will be going with OTL to pick up the caravan after it has been serviced. We will give it a good wash and get it ready for our holiday.

This year the ferrets will be coming with us, so OTL has got to make sure the small cage fits somewhere inside during the night!

OTL tells us that tomorrow  he will try a 10.5mm lens on the camera. Now this will be fun 'cos it's called a Fish Eye Lens and if you don't get it right it makes you look like a balloon!

Now, I'm off to see whats for dinner!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Have you not been fed yet Daisy? This won't do! Don't tell me TM is starving you now. Looks like you had a good day, with lots of lovely photo's. OTL does know how to get good shots of you all. I'm surprised Snowflake didn't pass out in the boots. Let's hope the caravan doesn't cause OTL to cry. I'm sure if he remembers to tell TM she can't take all her crafting stuff there will be plenty of room for a small holiday snowy towers. Might even be room for a big snow towers if he really puts his foot down. Hope you find something tasty for dinner. Have a lovely evening and be prepared for OTL to have a little sob tomorrow ........... or a big sob if TM decides not to listen about her allotted space in the caravan. :) xxxx

  2. Hi all, loved the ones of Miss Snowflake if OTL's boots. I think Daisy's nose woz a bit thin, suggest a higher F stop, but wot do I know. Got a small camera here is you want to try it. Sorry I am late on parade, had to work yesterday, BOOOOO. xxx

  3. I have been lacking in my "Daisy Blog" reading, doing so many things and late, late nights! I am glad you are taking an interest in the use of different lenses because you never know when it will come in useful, you might be able to teach a few Scottish doggies a thing or two. The wild life and not so wild life were beautiful photos and that is some BRAVE ferret investigating those walking boots, you should be glad that you are too big to get into them.... xxxx