Monday, 26 May 2014

In the Poo Again!

Hi Woofers!

McDaisy, MacHolly, Miss MacSnowflake and Mr McBrambles here!

We had a really long walk with the ferrets this morning, they were both ferreting about and exploring holes under rocks and even dug up some fresh Mole Hills!

We didn't go very far but rather did some serious sniffing. There was one time when I was so busy sniffing a sniff that I didn't notice Miss MacSnowflake under my paws, that was until she gave me a nip on my back leg!

Saucy Ferret!

By the time we got back both ferrets were ready for breakfast and a snooze. Ferret snoozes are special, they seem to last most of the day!

So, we left them to it and crept out of the caravan site.

We headed off with Old Two Legs for a game on the beach! Now before, MacHolly and I love this beach 'cos there are loads of rabbit holes which hold, loads of rabbits.

MacHolly spoilt it before by rushing off to hunt some rabbit, so, OTL put her on the lead and marched us both off to the sea side.

I was well up for this and jumped into the water and even lay down so I got good and wet!

Me, getting wet!
Then I got this sudden urge, you know, one of those urges that just won't go away!

I Just Needed To Chase a Rabbit!

Me, getting the Urge!
Then I was off like a streak of light!

It was about ten minutes later that OTL caught up with me and I was back on the lead again, Curses!

That rabbit is HUGE!
We had to leave the beach 'cos we were in deep poo!

Next stop was a pretty waterfall that is visited by loads of people to photograph it in the summer time but OTL wanted to have a go in the Spring Time!

The Water Fall.
It was a bit boring!

We also had to wait for him at the top of a very high cliff and MacHolly and I were glad we had our lead on!

It's a long way down there!
Next we got tied to a tree while he took some more pictures!

Just how long is he going to be?
It was a bit much!

Still we managed to get him to get a move on and before long we were off again, woofing at the sheep and the Heeland Coos!

Off to see some Heeland Coos!
OTL wanted to try photographing Ben More with the 'Normal' camera and the 'Infrared Thingy'

Fist in IR.
Not sure which one I like the best, maybe the IR one!

Again in 'Normal Mode'
Not sure what the plans are for tomorrow but whatever they are, it's bound to be fun!

See you tomorrow!

McDaisy, MacHolly, Miss MacSnowflake and Mr McBrambles!


  1. Poor McDaisy & MacHolly, all you were doing was looking for locals to introduce yourselves.......... tsk, you need to sit OTL down and explain it to him. Beautiful pictures again, is that an ethereal lurking in one of those Ben wotsit photos? Sounds like the weather has improved for you, glad about that. You're very brave at the top of that cliff, I don't do heights. Have a good day today, hope you don't get into any more poo. Happy mugging xxxx

  2. So now you have to be tied up like those doggies at the supermarket, fancy trying to catch rabbits again, still you were safe and that looked a long way down. Were the two pictures of Ben More taken from the same place? The ordinary one wasn't as good because it had too much "nothing" in the foreground whereas the other one was closer so I like the mountain in the ordinary and the other one for the scene. ??? xxxx