Sunday, 29 June 2014

Me and The Washing Machine

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

What a super Sunday it has been.

It started off all sunny like and we all had fun on the beach this morning. Holly found a dead bird on the beach and stayed to have a really good sniff. Old Two Legs and me and the ferrets had climbed all the way up the path to the top of the hill when OTL noticed Holly wasn't in sight.

So, he called, then he whistled and then he whistled a Big Whistle and still no Holly!

He had a choice, pick up the ferrets and call me and march all the way back down the hill to find Holly or, as he did, he took off the ferret bag, put the camera in the bag, put the bag and ferrets on the ground, tell me to 'Guard' and then he ran down the hill, onto the beach, told Holly off and chased her away from the dead bird and all the way up the hill to collect the ferrets who were wondering what all the fuss was about!

OTL wasn't too happy with Holly and told her she was a Naughty Puppy, not that Holly was bothered, she enjoyed the sniff!

OTL spotted some more Soldier Beetles but didn't have the right camera, no tripod and it was too windy!

One day OTL will get a good shot!
Back in the Car Park OTL met one of his customers who was down on the beach for a bit of fresh air and sunshine!

35mm lens f5.6!
 Back home we got served up with chicken and biscuits while OTL went off to the caravan with his tool kit to do some repairs to the electrics. After breakfast we went out to watch him but to be honest, it was all rather boring!

So we left him to it and off we went for a snooze!

By the time he had finished it was lunch time and we were busting to get down to the beach again, well I was 'cos the tide would be in!

Holly and I got out of the car and rushed off, Holly got delayed by an interesting sniff and OTL stood by to make sure she doesn't hang about!

I went off and found a pile of Super Smelling Doggy Dump and I had a good roll!

OTL didn't spot it to begin with but as I was pacing up and down the waters edge waiting for him to throw a stick.

At first he didn't want me to go in 'cos he said it was too rough but after seeing the Big Brown Patch on my back, he clipped the lead onto me and tossed a stick in the water.

Well, in I went, but the waves were bigger than normal and they were crashing on the shore!

I managed to get the stick a couple of times but got knocked about a bit and I was pleased that we had the 'Safety Lead' on!

After a bit OTL decided that the  Super Smelling Doggy Dump had been washed off and he let me back in and off the lead!

This is One Big Washing Machine!
I will admit, it was fun but I was pleased to get my four paws back on dry ground!

A Damp but Clean Doggy!
Just as we got back to the car park it started to rain, so I got a rub down with our towel and we headed back home for an afternoon snooze while OTL joined us for an hours snooze as well!

Tomorrow OTL has got a load of stuff to do so I expect Holly and I will have to amuse ourselves in the garden chasing the butterflies and bees around the 'Wild Flower' section!

I'll have to get OTL to take a picture of it 'cos it looks pretty with the Corn Flowers and Poppy's and other stuff we don't know what it called!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Oh dear, you and Holly have both had the pickle in you today. Good job OTL kept you on the lead when he let you get a wash in the sea. Ask Holly if the bird tasted like chicken? You and the ferrets were good to stay and guard the camera, I hope that got you some brownie points. Poor OTL, I bet he didn't know if he was on his head or his heels today with all the goings on. Lovely pictures. Glad all is well at the end of the day. Happy muggings tonight, stay away from stinky stuff tomorrow :) xxxx

  2. I do hope that Holly didn't eat any of that bird, you know how delicate her tummy is! Sounds as though you had an exciting day even if it wasn't entirely to OTL's liking, still it ended well. xxxx