Tuesday, 29 July 2014

It's all happening here!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

As we are getting closer to the end of the month, Old Two Legs work rate has gone up and he looks like having everything sorted in time!

It's all to do with something called 'Year End' and the need to get all invoices paid and sorted before the thirty first. When August the first arrives OTL will be starting his twenty first year of trading!

Twenty one! I bet he wishes he was twenty one again!

For a laugh, OTL set up the 'Garden Cam' on the landing and was planning to catch the ferrets running about in the morning. Well, it sort of worked!

Here's one of OTL and Miss Snowflake playing, 'Chase The Ball'

She really has a thing about the squeaky balls, so much so that we always have a good laugh watching her!

When she got fed up chasing the ball and Mr Brambles, she started playing 'Chase the Echo'

I can hear an Echo, Echo, Echo,Echo!
It was cloudy this morning when we went out for our walk, but it didn't stop OTL from snapping a Meadow Brown that was trying to hide amongst the flowers!

I can see you too!
Lunchtime was much better, there were Two Legs playing on the beach with their fishing rods!

Caught anything yet Bozo?
We met up with a new woofer on the Sea Wall but he was a bit of a Bozo 'cos his owners had told him they were 'In France' on a day trip and he believed them! He was trying to speak French by talking English with a terrible French accent!

Bonjour Off Bozo!
The tide was in, so OTL found a stick and was throwing it for me. Holly, wanting the stick but not wanting to get her feet wet, was sitting on the beach watching.

'Hey' she says, 'Just watch me get that stick'!

OK, Just watch this!
I came splashing back from a big, long swim, when she rushed forward and tried to grab the stick!

I wasn't having any of that and I splashed her with my front paws, that made her let go! I know she hates water!

GerrOff, you Bozo!
 Tonight we have got some Ox Heart for dinner, so we are both looking forward to that!

Just in case you thought we had left Mr Brambles out, here he is!

 Mr Brambles 'On a Mission'!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.



  1. I like the way that Snowflake loses her balance in a random direction when on two legs but always seems to be able to catch herself so she lands on the other paws.

  2. Loved the video clips today, looks like both Snowflake and Mr Brambles are having lots of fun. I'm guessing that's TM's crafting stash behind, did they make any cards? So you've all been very busy as well today. Congratulations OTL for your 21 years trading. Hope you enjoyed your swim Daisy, it looks like you were having lots of fun. Miss Holly will have to learn to go get her feet wet, specially on hot days. Glad you're both still getting your gourmet meals. You have got OTL well trained. Archie has been in the dog house today and we aren't speaking ......... it seems that some time recently he brought in a frog from the garden to keep as a pet. I found the frog this morning and he has been sent back to the garden, this seems to have upset little Arch, mind I wasn't overly happy about having a frog living in the house. Anyway, have a lovely snoozy evening. Love, licks and not many wags from little Arch, still sulking. xxxxx

  3. Well done OTL on 21 years, you used to get the key to the door but I guess TM already gave it to him before she went away. I tried to comment on my I-pad (Michael has a new one so I am "Handmedown Lil"), anyway I could not see the videos and I wasn't logged in to Google and my comment disappeared so I waited until now. Videos are a lovely addition to your blog and good to see Snowflake running about. The butterfly is pretty and matches in well with those flowers and you still can't get Holly into swimming. Another warm day in the South East I did think yesterday morning that it was going to change and actually took my mac to work, still it gave it an outing and it was inside my bag so nobody knew! xxxx