Friday, 11 July 2014

Short Back and Sides and we got locked in almost All Day!

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

We are not Happy Puppy's today!

It started off this morning when we went for our walk along the beach.

It was raining!

Not that rain that soaks you, but the sort of rain that slowly creeps up on you and by the time you notice it, it's too late, your soaked!

The only person who noticed it was Old Two Legs and he left his camera in the car so it didn't get wet!

By the time we got back to the car we were all wet through and OTL had to dry us off with our 'Doggy Towel'!

After getting dried, off we went to have our hair cut.

We hadn't had our breakfast yet and there we were, shoved into a cage with just a water bowl and a sniff of damp doggy!

The worse bit was hearing OTL being told that '...they were very busy today and could he call back between three and four!

WHAT? All day without a nibble or some of the ferrets 'Treats'?

OTL got home and started to clean out the ferrets home. They, of course, were Dooking and Chuckling whilst bounding about all over the place. Miss Snowflake managed to have a wee and a poo on top of the toilet paper OTL put down in the toilet, in the corner she favours.

He told her she was a 'Good Little Ferret', I bet he wouldn't say that to Holly or me if we did a poo in the corner!

Miss Snowflake was really showing off 'cos she went up to wash her paws straight afterwards!

Gawd, we'll never hear the end of this!

Now, this is where I wash my paws.
 Talk about laying it on thick!

......and this is where I dry my paws!
The pair of them had a great old time dashing about and not worrying about Holly and me being around the next corner.

Mr Brambles was in and out of TM's Card Room, in and out of the boxes and then into the bedroom and under the bed. Of course, Snowflake was chasing him most of the time and he said that when he got too tired from being chased, he ran up to OTL and jumped up on his lap so he'll protect him for Snowflakes advances!

I know you're there, I can See You!
OTL said that he spent most of the day 'Manufacturing' and he had a big box of stuff to take down the carriers!

Well, the Poodle Parlour was very busy, woofers coming and going and we were getting very bored sitting in the cage, I mean, there's no room to go for a gallop around and there's no rabbits to chase!

Mind you, we do know there are cats here 'cos we can hear them howling to get out, just let them loose in our cage and we'll have some fun!

Still when we were finally finished, we looked 'The Business' all done up like a couple of Tarts as OTL says!

He finally picked us up and after a lick and a kiss and a drink of water we were heading off home to some grub, chicken, roast to perfection!

Another bit of news, we are expecting another woofer to visit us tomorrow, goes by the name of Maisey and she is blind. So we are going to be on our best behaviour and show her all the 'Good Sniffs' and even let her eat and drink out of our bowls!

We will let you know how we got on!

TM says that if we are good girls we may even get Archie Babe visiting one day, providing he can stay awake!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Oh Daisy, how cruel to leave you and Holly in a cage most of the day. I hope those ladies at the beauty parlour were very sorry about that. I bet you both look and smell beautiful now. Never mind, you can find something smelly tomorrow to roll in. Those ferrets had a good time while you two were in clink. I think that Snowflake is very well house trained. I wonder if Mr Brambles left a small surprise in TM's card room. Glad you got a decent scoff anyway. You never know, that Archie might get down there to visit you one day and I'm sure you'll be kind to Maisey when she visits. Happy muggings tonight, love licks and wags from Archie babe xxxx

  2. I sense a bit of jealousy in the camp and that you two were a bit unfed up with the situation. Never mind its Saturday tomorrow and maybe you will get more attention, well it is "Daisy's Diary" after all. XXXX

  3. You poor little starving doggies, the ferrets never get all this problem mainly because they don't go for the shampoo and set thnkgy. Snowflake is getting very house trained, that TM will have her doing the housework soon, will she be able to push the hoover around with help from Mr B? You two stay out of that sort of thing, lovely food today hope you have a better day tomorrow, I am off to Chatham to the River Festival. xxxx

  4. You poor little doggies being starved all day while the ferrets went on the rampage. Snowflake is getting very house trained, tell her to watch out or TM will have her doing the hoovering! Glad you had a good fed when you did get to eat and I hope tomorrow will be better, I am down to the River Festival in Chatham or we may come over your side of the river to see it, depends on the weather. xxxx