Sunday, 13 July 2014

We could get used to Wild Boar!

Hello Woofers!

It's us again! Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

Have we had a day today! First of all we went out for our normal morning walk along the beach. Both ferrets wanted to get out of the bag early 'cos both had been at the diluted Lactose Free Milk and didn't have a wee before leaving home. So, as soon as Old Two Legs had cleared the car park, both ferrets were scrambling to get out of the bag!

Holly and wandered off ahead to see if there were any rabbits in the open but we were out of luck.

The ferrets, having got the taste of fresh air and damp grass and weasel sniffs, were quite happy to spend some time ferreting around in the undergrowth while Holly and I were watching the clouds descend on the river and start heading our way!

Before we knew it, the rain landed on us all, Holly and I were soaked down to our skin and the ferrets weren't any better. In fact Miss Snowflake even climbed up OTL's leg and got back in the Ferret Bag to keep out of the rain!

Mr Brambles preferred to run all the way back to the car park, stopping every so often to shake all the water off his coat!

Holly was the first back, with everyone close behind!

Back home, we all got a good rub down with our Doggy Towel, followed by another rub down after OTL had taken all his clothes off and changed into some new, dry, stuff!

After the ferrets had their run around the house and OTL had cleaned out their cage, it looked like the rain had stopped, so, Holly said that it would be a good idea to go up to The Show again!

OTL didn't need too much persuading and before we knew it, we were heading towards the Members Car Park!

We got there but had to pull over to the side to let a load of Fox Hounds go past and we both cheered as they passed. OTL thought we were barking and told us off!

Where's the Fox!
 Soon we were walking through the entrance gate!

First stop was the Ferret Racing Tent to say hello and show off our new harnesses.

There was a young Two Legs having her first cuddle with a ferret,  Holly said that She wasn't going to get cuddled by anyone 'cos it was getting too hot!

First Cuddle with a Ferret!
When they saw us in our new harnesses, of course, everyone was going Ooo! and Ahhh! and Holly and I thought we were stars!

After a while we went off to see the other animals. There were some that looked like deer but OTL said they were Reindeer and Holly asked if they tasted like Bambi Burgers!

Bambi Burger?
The Daddy Reindeer got all upset and kicked his food bowl over and asked if Holly tasted like 'Hot Dog'

and do you taste like..................?
That was it, Holly said we should go before there was and trouble and a woofer resting on his bed said that they all tasted the same mixed with doggy biscuits in a Doggy Bowl!

....and they got strange sniffing poo as well!
From there we went to where the gun dogs were competing in a 'Hunt the Duck' contest. It involved the Two Legs waving their arms about and blowing on a whistle to guide the dog to the 'Duck' to pick it up and take it back to the Two Legs.

Well, the Two Legs was getting it all wrong and the Woofer was getting all confused as well. Holly and I were sitting there laughing our tails off and calling out 'It's behind You'!

It's behind you, Bozo!
Not that they listened to us 'cos they are being trained to listen to the Two Legs and that silly whistle thing!

We saw some young Two Legs trying to fly but Holly said they would never make it and she was right, they just kept on going around in circles!

Go On, Flap Harder!
We decided to have our lunch at the same place again and this time OTL was going to have some Wild Boar Sausages as well!

We passed the 'Country Pursuits' tent and there was a woofer in the cage we hadn't said hello to, so Holly asked it what it was, as you do, and Holly thought he said he was a Lurker!

Holly asked what a Lurker did, and then laughed 'cos she suddenly realised that Lurkers Lurk!

The 'Lurker' got all upset and growled that he was a Lurcher and he chased little dogs to bite their tails off!

Putting Holly Right!
Holly said that being a Lurcher couldn't be all that clever 'cos he was stuck in the cage while we were off to sample some Wild Boar, so there!

I must say, the Wild Boar tasted as good as the ones we had yesterday!

We headed back to watch the Ferret Racing and on the way we saw a woofer all dressed up for the rain. Well, both Holly and I just sat down with amazement, who on earth would dress a woofer in a coat like that, I mean, that woofer will have no 'Street Cred' for years!

Don't blame me, I can't help their dress sense!

 Back at the Ferret Tent they were getting ready for the races, Roy was giving the ferrets a 'Pep Talk' and warning against cheating or foul play!

OK you lot, I want good clean racing!
Then the races began.

It's the first one fully out that wins!
 Not everyone understood the rules but they all had fun and while there is always a winner, there is always a looser!

I Won! I Won!, I Won!
Now, let us introduce Stan The Ferret.

Stan has not had a very good start in life and arrived at the Harrietsham Ferret Rescue Centre with his tail missing and his back legs unable to support his back end. With a lot of care and looking after and the use of a Ferret Swimming Pool, he has now regained the use of his back legs and while nothing can be done about his missing tail, he is strong enough to join in the Ferret Races!

Meet Stan!
He is always willing to have a go at the racing and although he doesn't go as fast as some of the others, he does get a good cuddle from Chris after his race!

Coming last has it's perks!
Mind you, Stan does make sure he gets every treat he can and is always up for a lick of Ferret Oil!

Stan gets his Prize!
We thought of another game to play with the ferrets, it's called 'Grow Your Own Ferret Beard'!

Who is that on the Ferrets Head?
We had to say good bye to the Ferrets as OTL wanted to drop into the Doggy Shop on the way home to get another plastic ferret water bottle for their travelling cage. So it was Bye Bye Ferrets!

Bye bye Woofers! I really need more iron in my diet!
Back home we went straight down to the beach for a walk but the tide was on it's way out, so no 'Deep Water Swimming' today!

Well, it's cooling for me bits!
By the time we got back, The Missus had arrived from her Master Class and we had great fun telling her all about our day!

That's why we are a little late in uploading today, sorry!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Oh wow, you really have had a good weekend. Back for more sausages, with your new harness's, you really do look the dogs do dahs in them. So has OTL persuaded TM to let him increase your family by 2 new babies? That big bambi burger looked a bit fierce. I bet you were laughing at that poor woofer in the pink coat, I bet it was hot wearing that. Stan looks like an interesting ferret, so glad he has recovered the use of his back legs. Beautiful pictures today, glad you got the chance for a plodge in the sea. I bet you're quite exhausted by this weekends adventures. Happy muggings tonight girls and sweet dreams. love, licks and wags from one bathed and sweet smelling little Arch xxxx

  2. What a fantastic weekend, I hope you weren't stuck in any traffic jams, those people really admired your new harnesses and I agree with you, the pink coat and hood a tad "Over The Top", just imagine getting one of those each. You make me envious talking about Wild Boar Sausages, mmm lovely. Poor Stan loosing his tail but glad he can walk again, it must be very hard with no steer bit, no ruder in the water, poor thing.
    TM is getting busier and busier, I hope she isn't over doing it, I am beginning to worry about her taking on too much, you keep your eyes on her and give her extra cuddles. xxxx