Thursday, 7 August 2014

A Sea Weed Wrap for a Pair of Smelly Nelly's!

Hello Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Just for a change, when we got down to the Sea Wall this morning, Holly was hanging behind so I had the 'Pole Position' to get after the rabbits, I did my 'Slowly Slowly Creepy Up Stalk'

I See Rabbits!
At the last moment Holly came crashing around the corner and scared them all off!

It was a sunny start to the day, the tide was in, so I took a dip but we couldn't find any sticks for Old Two Legs to throw!

I was right disappointed and had a little sulk!

Mind you, Mr Brambles nearly got caught by a wave as he strayed too close to the waters edge!

It's Behind You!
Out to sea there was an Escort Tug type looking for a big ship to guide in but as far as we could see, there was nothing at all!

Maybe they got the wrong day!

I See No Ships!
We had a good run around and both ferrets found loads of sniffs, Mr Brambles reckons they were mostly Weasels but Miss Snowflake says that some of them were Stoats!

Back home the pair of them went on their 'Morning Rampage' and chased each other all over the place.

Mr Brambles got all exhausted and fell asleep behind the bottom draw in OTL's office but OTL knows that is his favourite place, so he was lifted out and put to bed while Miss Snowflake carried on 'Rampaging'!

One of their fun places to explore is The Missus's card store room 'cos there are loads of boxes and shelves and little places to explore. Miss Snowflake has found that she can climb up and through the shelves and into places you wouldn't think was big enough for a mouse!

There is just one small problem, she has a bad memory for re tracing her route through the shelves, so that means she must call OTL when she gets stuck!

I really need a Wee, can you get me down please?
It's a good job that OTL keeps an eye on the pair of them!

Lunchtime we were down the beach again but all the water had dissapeared into the distance, so I still didn't get my swim, although, Holly and I had a rest on top of some really smelly sea weed!

OTL called us 'Smelly Nelly's!' Like, I mean, do we care?

Yes, I fancy a cool Sea Weed Wrap!
 OTL gave up shouting at us and went back to chasing a Four Spot Chaser!

A Four Spot having a breather!
Almost next to it was a Buff Tailed Bumblebee, having a buzz around the flowers!

Yet another 'Buzzy Bee!'

Holly and I were really looking forward to a good feed tonight but what did we see on the kitchen work surface?


No more cuddles for her, we're going to stick close to OTL, who knows, he may get some meat tonight!

See you tomorrow, if we don't just fade away with hunger!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Well I'm so sorry to hear about the doggie scoff, I don't blame you for sticking with OTL, I just hope he doesn't get rabbit scoff tonight or there will be no nice muggings to save your little tummies. Those ferrets look like they've had a good morning. I bet Miss Snowflake was glad that OTL helped her down.
    Beautiful pictures today. Save some smelly seaweed for little Arch to roll in on Sunday, he's been clipped today and promised a bath tomorrow so that he's spick and span for meeting to beautiful girlies. At the moment he's not speaking to me, we did have a chat about a young man looking and smelling his best when he goes on a date ....... he's not quite sure whether he wants to remain a bachelor or not, he's having a deep think about it. Love, licks and wags from little Arch and happy muggings xxxxx

  2. Well I don't blame TM this time for giving you doggie scoff after yesterday but poor Holly deserves real food, I feel sorry for her. I do hope Snowflake is careful in the Card Store, one false move and it will be ferret pie for you! Lovely wildlife pictures pity there were no rabbits, it seems to me that Michael is the only one who gets near them, keep trying and try to expain to Holly that there is a small fault in her rabbit hunting. xxxx