Saturday, 2 August 2014

And Who's Been Eating My Dinner?

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here on a Sunny Saturday!

We were up good and early 'cos The Missus is out at her 'Master Class' today. So we have to take all her stuff up to the village hall.

We met that Doodle Dog again and this time we found out his name is Buddy. He is still fascinated by the ferrets and wanted to get up good and close for a sniff and a lick!

Holly said he was brave to do that, I said he was stupid 'cos I've seen what Brambles has done to Two Legs who have stuck their fingers in his face!

Buddy was lucky and they both had a sniff of each others nose!

Sniffs, but no Teeth!
Back home we had our visitor turn up, Maisey, the West Highland Terrier! She had come to stay with us for today while her owner was playing 'Glue & Glitter' at TM's Master Class!

We started off with her inspecting our garden and we had to point out that the pond was wet and deep! She said she wasn't one for swimming anyway but thanks for the tip!

We all went out for a walk along the Sea Wall and the beach. We showed her where all the best sniffs were and a few of our 'Secret Sniffs'!

Hey, this is a seriously good sniff!
 Then we introduced her to some of the lads.

Nice to meet you Maisey!
Down on the beach Maisey was let off the lead for a run 'cos she couldn't get into too much trouble there, except when she wanted to have a paddle in the mud!

Just a little paddle in the mud?
 I didn't ask, I just went straight in and flopped onto the wet mud, that got me a hose down when we got home!

Daisy's in the mud, Pleeese let me have a go?
Maisey should have kept quiet about the mud 'cos OTL scolded me and then clipped Maisey back on the lead, she'll learn in time!

Holly introduced her to a new sniff and didn't tell her is was Ferret Poo!

Now this is a strange sniff, what is it?
Holly and I were both having a laugh behind her tail and when we told her she joined in the joke as well!

We came off the beach and played 'Puppy Patrol' up the hill to the Rabbit Ground.

Left, Right, Left, Right, Puppy Patrol!
Maisey says that she hadn't done much rabbit chasing and how do we do it? When we told her how we sit and wait. Then we showed her how and she stood there looking but didn't see any rabbits at all!

Pretty Boring Game this Rabbit Chasing!
She did find a feather on the path and after discussions with OTL, we decided it was from a Sparrowhawk!

Sparrowhawk breast feather.
Back home, I got washed with the hose and Maisey got her nose into Holly's chicken dinner. Holly didn't mind 'cos when she finally got to eat what was left, she also had a go at what I had left, so every one was happy in the end!

We had to say Bye, Bye, to Maisey but it has been fun having her over.

OTL says that we may get Archie Babe next, if we are good girls!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. O.M.G what a day Maizeys had, that explains why she is now fast asleep, too tired to even eat her dinner.
    She wishes to thank O, T ,L for a fun day, and for allowing her mum to have one also.
    Julie x

  2. Wow, you've had another good day. Is OTL starting a crèche for master class furbies? Looks like Maizey has had a lovely day out with you all. Love that little doodle Buddy, glad he and Mr Brambles enjoyed their sniffing. So Maizey pinched some dinner, Archie is an awful tea leaf and he won't just pinch dinner so beware girls you'll have to tell OTL that Archie is not to be trusted. Glad you've all had a really good day. I'll have a long chat with little Arch about how to behave (he'll probably forget) and I hope he at least behaves as good as your other visitors. Have a lovely relaxing evening all. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx

  3. Good idea a Creche for Master Class Orphans, that would be really fine. So glad Maizey learnt a bit too, she now knows what ferret poo smells like, you never know when that will be useful!! You really wore her out and I bet she will be over the moon to come again, you must invite Archie next or he will stop sending you lovely messages to your Blog. Hello to Buddy, we will remember his name next time, you all have such a lovely time and TM making the gorgeous cards with all her Ladies, you lives are one excitement after another. Good for you. xxxx