Saturday, 9 August 2014

Saturday with OTL

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

Last night we had a load of rain, you know, it even woke Old Two Legs up, but he went back to sleep quickly!

Loads of big puddles in the road, which is always a good gauge of how much rain fell overnight!

Just over the kerb means a normal rain shower but if the water spreads to the centre of the road, well, then it was a lot of rain! Right across the road, we have to find an alternative route!

This morning the water was up to the centre of the road, so we know it was wet last night!

We had fun along the Sea Wall and Miss Snowflake sneaked back into the ferret bag until we got off the beach. The tide was out, so no swimming!

Back home OTL was mending The Missus computer that for some reason had decided to go all wobbly!

OTL says it's 'Finger Trouble' like, she keeps touching it!

Lunch time the tide was in and of course I went in for a swim!

Today, instead of searching around for a stick, OTL had brought one of the rubber toys from the ferret toy box!

It was a rubber chew in the shape of a red bone!

The squeaker had fallen out, so, no danger of swallowing the squeaker!

Up Periscope!
 We were having a good game with OTL throwing it and me fetching it! Then a little girl stopped with her daddy and she asked if she could throw it for me?

Well, it made a change from OTL and she threw it out a bit further than OTL!

Rebbecca gives it some wellie!
A bit further along the beach Holly tried some mugging on a couple of fishermen but they had eaten all their sarnies and only had worms left!

Wot you doing Mister?
They had eaten all their food and still not caught anything! One of them hooked up another worm and threw it back out again!

Go on then, get out and swim!
We headed down to the beach and OTL was throwing my bone again!

Holly sat on the shore and was taking the mickey out of me every time I got back to shore.

Mind you, there was one time when I stopped and shook water all over her!

Do you know just how wet you are?
Back home in time for TM to get back from her Master Class and we are looking forward to a good brush from OTL so we look our best for Archie Babe tomorrow!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Lovely blog today with lots of lovely pictures. How nice of that little girl to throw your toy for you. What did Holly say when you shook yourself all over her. Those fishermen are mean with their sarnie, they don't deserve to catch any fish. We had quite a lot of rain over night but it has been dry here today. Hope the weather is good tomorrow. Little Arch has had his flea treatment today, to make sure that he doesn't bring any lodgers with him. I know you must be getting limited for space at Godwin towers. Despite all the grooming and bathing I think Archie is quite looking forward to getting nose to nose with you all tomorrow. Hope the muggings are good tonight, if not I'm sure tomorrow night they will be ;) Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx

  2. That red bone looks a good thing to fetch, easy to see and you must get OTL some throwing lessons if that little Rebecca could throw better than him, still maybe she can't take such good pictures. You must be very excited about meeting up with Archie and his mum, you behave yourselves and I bet TM gets some good advice on feeding poor little doggies. Glad Archie is leaving the lodgers at home, definitely no room at the Inn for more stayers, visitors are always welcome but not if they intend to stay. Don't get too wet today we don't want you all untidy for your special guests. Looking forward to seeing your pictures, xxxx