Sunday, 28 September 2014

A Sunday on t'Moor!

Eeeeee-Up Woofers!

Tis' Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here again!

After yesterdays excitement we have had a gentle sort of day today. Old Two Legs took the ferrets out for a long run up and down the camp site and was Oooo'd and Arrrr'd by everyone who was out of their caravan.

Miss Snowflake was even getting a bit scared of all the attention and climbed back into the Ferret Bag until the coast was clear!

Mr Brambles didn't mind, he just showed them his teeth when they got too pushy with their fingers!

Back in the caravan OTL said he would have some breakfast before taking us out, we didn't mind 'cos that means we can finish off out 'After get up Snooze'!

The ferrets didn't mind either 'cos that means they can share breakfast with OTL!

OK, I'm off to drink his milk!
 OTL wouldn't let them slurp his milk 'cos it wasn't Lactose Free, he has said that he may change over to Lactose Free, just for a bit of peace and quiet!

After that was finished and the ferrets moved to their 'Outside Quarters' we headed off to the Moors with OTL.

We had a great time sniffing for rabbits and found a hole that just oozed rabbit sniff but we couldn't see any rabbits! 

Maybe we should have brought the ferrets with us!
We headed off on the footpath and OTL reckons we must have walked about two miles up the track, which of course means that we had to walk the two miles back!

It was good that we found a seat to have a rest on, even if it made our leg joints a bit stiff afterwards!

Was that an Eeee-Be-Goom?
There was a lot of strange noises coming from inside the heather and we weren't too sure what it was!

Then all of a sudden a Black Grouse exploded from the heather and went zooming over our heads!

He's flying a bit low!
Back in the caravan we crashed out and didn't move for at least an hour, even OTL was complaining that his joints were aching!

This afternoon we went out to get some shopping and on the way back, we stopped off at the local forest for a run. OTL reckons it will be good for us to get off the lead every so often!

Well, it was great, loads of sniffs for us and fungi for OTL and birds for The Missus!

OTL spotted this spider resting on its web waiting for dinner to arrive, a sort of Pizza Express Home delivery, but on legs!

Dinner, Here, Dinner Dinner!
 Well, while OTL was taking his pictures, I got a sniff come from the trees, rabbit, fresh rabbit!

I was off!

TM called me but I didn't hear her, OTL called me but I went sort of deaf, but I could now hear the rabbit!

It was about half an hour later that OTL found me, in the middle of the dense forest, digging for all I was worth, trying to get the rabbit to come out and play again!

OTL was not amused!

Nor was TM!

Holly wanted to know if I got the rabbit!

So, off we went back to the caravan where I got a wash in cold water to get the forest earth from  off my muzzle!

I mean, cold water!

Still, it could be worse!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Eeeeyyy that sounds like a super Sunday to me. I bet you're all celebrities on the camp site now. Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles should have told the people to form a queue and pay for autographs. Now that's a problem when you go on a walk away from the direction you come from, you have to go back. Never mind a good long walk is good to blow the cobwebs away. Hope your little legs don't get sore though. Love the pictures, especially the one of you and Holly on that bench. You know you're a little bit naughty to run off in strange places, I bet OTL and TM were very worried in case you got lost and they couldn't find you. OTL might not trust you off the lead again. I bet even Holly was getting worried, she'd have had to have eaten 2 dinners if they lost you. Glad to hear you got an after wake up snooze, they're the best snoozes, apart from after dinner snoozes and before bed snoozes. Have a lovely evening all and Daisy, no cockin a deaf un tomorrow or tha's gonna get thee self lost!!!! Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx

  2. I always like the way that ferrets close their eyes to lick up something they really like. I think it takes them back to when they were blind little kits.

  3. Truly lovely pictures and I love the wording on that bench, is it supported by a sarsen stone. You have been a bit of a pickle today, you had better be good tomorrow or it will be "on the lead" until you get back home. The others campers had a treat today with the little furies, I expect they have already seen you and Holly being oh so well behaved. Keep on snoozing, xxxxxx

  4. Ee-by-gum Daisy lass, tha mustn't go runnin' off an' get lost! Ye had TM in a reight pickle! Glad you're all having fun and a warm welcome to Yorkshire!