Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Misty Mornings and a Sunny Day

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

Wot a super day today, the morning was misty and there was dew on all the grasses, which means the ferrets got as wet as us woofers and we all had a good towelling when we got back to the car!

Down on the beach, the sun was up but there was a load of mist over the sea but the sun shining through made a pretty picture!

Misty Sheerness Morning!
 We all had a super time running up and down the beach and I even went in for a 'Deep Paddle', just to test the water!

Shall I or Shan't I?
In the end I decided not to go swimming, you see Old Two Legs didn't have my rubber bone with him and it's just not the same!

We met up with Oscar, he is the one who fancies a 'Ferret and Mushroom Breakfast'!

OTL had both ferrets up in his arms, so Oscar was out of luck today!

We got a good bowl full of chicken today, just chicken, no rice!

The Missus doesn't read my diary or she would have added some rice and broth, just like Archie Babe gets!

Lunchtime, the tide had gone back out, so no chance of a swim or even a paddle in the mud!

Mind you, there were a few Black Headed Gulls paddling in the mud looking for worms and the such like.

I know you're there, just come on out, NOW!
 Holly and I sat there for a while watching his antics trying to get the worms out. After a while Holly said that she would have to be really starving before she contemplated eating worms for dinner!

Not for me Sis!
There are times when Holly Dog can be very profound!

We were walking back, looking for rabbits, when we heard this terrible barking going on behind us and a couple of Woofers were heading our way!

The big Alsatian had a stick in her mouth and headed straight for OTL, just to get a tickle, Tart!

The little one was giving it some 'Serious Woofing', but after a few seconds was all over OTL as well!

 Holly says that it is always the little ones that got the biggest mouth.

I was going to suggest that her mouth was rather large when it came to the woofing bit, but I decided that now was not the best time to loose Holly's 'Back Up', just in case these two decided to get into a woofing contest with us!

OK, we heard you, now Woof Off!
 Back home for some snoozing and pinch some of the Ferret Nibbles, just to keep the 'Hair Balls' away!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Daisy, I just can't believe that TM doesn't read your blog, how could she not? I think she just pretends not to so that she doesn't have to cook you rice and serve your chicken up with broth ........ tsk...... you need to get OTL to have a word, but give him a crash helmet and some body protection first. Sounds like a lovely day down where you are. So you've had a nice early morning plodge, hope the water wasn't too cold. God job OTL holds the ferrets up high so that Oscar can't have a little taste of them. Glad you met 2 new woofers, I recon you could be come friends in no time. That Holly dog is a real thinker. Have a lovely evening, may be a few more little muggable treats, purely for medicinal purposes. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx

  2. Pleased about the chicken but shame no rice or broth, we are going to have to find a way of letting her know about Archies' favourite tipple if she is too busy to read your wonderful blog! The weather did brighten up this afternoon pity you didn't have your red bone this morning the water would have helped your leg a treat. Our little ferret friends have a good allie in OTL he keeps them safe and is a regular little Doctor Doolittle with all the animals in your town. I bet you and Holly are really proud of him. Does TM know how to cook rice? OTL has curry so she must cook rice for him, doesn't add up somehow, I recon she is just shirking. xxxx